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FAQ:  What is the purpose of a coil cover on a metal detector?

FAQ: What is the purpose of a coil cover on a metal detector?

Quite often I get a call from a customer discussing the basic function of a metal detector.  These discussions range from how to put it together, how to turn it on, and basic metal detector operations. 

One of the questions a lot of people are afraid to ask is what is a coil cover (also called a skid plate) and how is it used.  Should the coil cover be placed on the metal detector when in use or is it to protect the coil during storage?  Most of the time this question is asked hesitantly.  Some people are embarrassed to ask it.  They feel that it is a "stupid question".  The truth of the matter is, when it comes to getting into the sport of metal detecting, there are no stupid questions.  There are a lot of bells and whistles on the wide variety of metal detectors on the market and there are a lot of accessories.  There is a lot to learn when you first begin metal detecting....

Route Premium Shipping Insurance Now Available!

Route Premium Shipping Insurance Now Available!

Porch pirating, internal carrier issues, and delayed tracking updates are only a few issues consumers encounter when purchasing products online.  We deal with this type of thing daily.  

It is a common misconception that transportation carriers automatically cover lost and stolen items.  This is not the case.  Transportation carrier liability is generally limited to $100 and does not extend to all types of goods.  Furthermore, a transportation carrier’s liability ends once the package is delivered on your doorstep.  Even filing a claim that may fit within a transportation carrier’s limited liability is incredibly difficult frustrating.

  • Joshua Turpin
FAQ:  What's The Best Good Affordable Underwater Metal Detector?

FAQ: What's The Best Good Affordable Underwater Metal Detector?

Finding a good, quality, affordable, waterproof metal detector can be a challenge.  We sell metal detectors in all price ranges.  In the past, in order to get a halfway decent underwater metal detector - not just waterproof coil - you had to spend upwards of $500-600.  Recently a newcomer hit the market at the $250 price range.  Thus far, our feedback on them has been pretty darn good too.....
Earn Rewards 3 Ways!

Earn Rewards 3 Ways!

We have just implemented a new customer loyalty and rewards program.  Now you can earn rewards three ways.

First, you have to Sign Up as a rewards member.

  1. Shopping - Each purchase you make earns you rewards.  For every dollar you spend, you earn 4 High Points.  Every 100 High Points is worth one dollar.  So, in essence.  For example, for every $500 spent, you earn $20 worth of points available for use on your next purchase.  With no minimum or maximum purchase amount!
  2. Refer a Friend - Once you sign up as a High Plains Rewards Member you will receive a custom URL that you can share with friends.  Once your friend becomes a member and makes their first purchase, you receive 100 High Points ($5 in store credit).  No limit on how many friends you refer!
  3. Social Media - Once you become a High Plains Rewards Member and like us on Facebook you will receive a $5 coupon available for use on future purchases!

 Certain restrictions apply.

  • Joshua Turpin