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Gold Prospecting Equipment

High Plains Prospectors offers an extensive list of gold prospecting equipment. We serve as one of the largest dealers of prospecting equipment and supply in the country.  We offer a variety of gold sluices suited to any material you need to process. In addition to gold sluices, we offer other gold prospecting equipment such as gold pans, high bankers, rock crushers, gold testing chemicals, and even crucibles so can melt down your gold finds and turn them into gold ingots. We also offer gold trommels, Gold Cubes, and gold spiral wheels and other “finishing” machines that can help you recover finer gold more efficiently. We always stock gold classifiers of all sizes and have plenty of types of gold snuffer (a.k.a snifter) bottles and black sand magnets to help recover your gold once you’ve found it. We sell many types of vials and displays to contain your gold so you can show it off to the world.  We also offer many hand tools for recovering gold from a variety of spots. We have a full line of rock picks, detector picks, shovels, and scoops designed by gold prospectors for gold prospectors. 

Along with the gold prospecting supplies needed to recover gold, we offer many books, maps, and atlases that can help you find areas where you are most likely to find gold. Many of the available books cover topics on how to successfully locate gold, and how to recover it using techniques such as dredging, high banking, stream sluice, gold panning and dry washing. 

We have several kits created to help our customers when deciding to get into the hobby of gold prospecting. With all the gold panning equipment in one place, this makes purchasing everything you need to be successful easy. 

Along with pre-made gold prospecting equipment we provide the components one might need to create their own prospecting equipment or to repair or maintain existing equipment.  These items include miners moss, gold sluice matting, pumps, hoses and fittings, and other components for a wide variety of prospecting equipment. In addition to this, when you get real serious about finding gold, we provide copyrighted federal mining claim signs and corner marker for when you are ready to stake your mining claim and ward off claim jumpers! 

We are constantly searching for and adding new gold mining equipment to our product line. Go ahead and poke around our collection of gold prospecting tools and panning supplies, and be sure to come back often, you never know what you might find!