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Where to Metal Detect - Old Sidewalk, Parking Lot, and Curb Tear-Outs

Where to Metal Detect - Old Sidewalk, Parking Lot, and Curb Tear-Outs
For those of you that live in older areas of the world which have been paved over with sidewalks, parking lots, and curbs, there are great targets - literally untouched, right under your feet.  Getting to them however is often a waiting game.

From time to time concrete and asphalt might be completely torn out to make way for replacement.  Since most sidewalks are public property, that means they are ripe for the picking once they are torn out.  Parking lots, if on private property may require permission.  Curbs on the other hand would most likely be considered a public property.  However, timing is would need to be able to detect them without getting hit by a car.

Good ole Mike E. from Kansas City, MO gives us a reminder that there is history almost everywhere just beneath our feet.  As a metal detectorist it is a good idea to keep your head on a swivel when trying to find a good site to metal detect.  Here is Mike's story:

"I wasn’t going to detect last night, as I was giving the old man’s back a few days rest.  However, I couldn’t resist a quick scan of a curb strip tear out. 
I switched out the stock coil on my Equinox 800 with the 6” coil to fit inside the limited swing area.  I found some pennies from the 60’s and a 1934D winged Liberty Dime.  Keep on Diggin!"

pile of coins found metal detecting old curb strip

Mercury Dime info:
Minted from 1916-1945.  
Designer: Adolf Weinman (whose initials can be seen in the obverse of the coin)

Mints:  Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (D), San Francisco (S). Mint marks can be found in the bottom reverse of the coin after the E in ONE. 
Composition: 90% Silver and 10% Copper. 

The Mercury Dime is called this since the public, in the early 1900’s, thought the artists rendition of the Winged Liberty Dime resembled the Roman God - Mercury

You too can qualify for $5 each month for a find!  We LOVE it when our customers bring their cool and interesting metal detecting finds into our shop or share them on our website to show them off.  So, keep them coming!
Thanks again for your submission.  Good luck and happy hunting!

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