Affiliate Program for Metal Detecting & Gold Prospecting Club & Group, Influencer Sponsorships and Donations


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High Plains Prospectors works with organizations and influencers across the United States that are actively involved with the treasure hunting & outdoor adventure industry.  We work with these groups to promote their cause and raise funds through such things as competitive hunts, raffles, auctions, prizes, and merchandise.  We also support these groups with ongoing support through our Affiliate Partner Program (more information below).

Types of Groups We Support:

Not For Profits

  • Metal Detecting Clubs
  • Gold Prospecting Clubs
  • Rockhounding, Gem, Mineral, etc.
  • Scouting Groups
  • Veterans' Causes
  • Historical Societies


  • Metal Detecting YouTube Channels
  • High Traffic Social Media Pages & Groups
  • High Traffic Blogs & Websites Involved in The Outdoor Industry
  • Metal Detecting
  • Gold Prospecting
  • Rockhounding 
  • Hunting & Fishing
  • Camping, RVing, etc.
  • Hiking & Trekking
  • History Related Blogs and Websites

Here is How Our Support Program Works:

This Program is Designed to be a Win-Win

Whenever a group is asking for a donation or support from a business, they should keep in mind that they are the ones asking.  You should always consider the question, "How can I benefit this sponsor so they want to donate to our cause?"   Don't get me wrong, philanthropy is a great thing.  But, you should always try to benefit the sponsor in like-kind (i.e. sending them customers).  The size and reach of your group will determine our level of sponsorship.  Have those numbers ready.

That being said, if you request a sponsorship through High Plains Prospectors, be prepared with your value added proposal (i.e. number of participants, group members, followers, etc.).  And be ready for us to ask you how we can make this a long term relationship versus simply asking us to give you something for free.  

We are only interested in working with groups who will consider a long term relationship with us.

We have seen a lot of groups come and go over the years.  We want to see your group succeed or we wouldn't consider working with you.  If we are considering working with you, you need to think long term.  We are happy to provide help and assistance, but need to know our efforts are not wasted.

How We Work Together for Success

Financial Donation (Non-Profits Only)

Depending on the size of your non-profit group, we will donate gift card(s) in the denomination of $25.  These cards can be raffled, auctioned, or given as a prize to individuals with the max dollar amount given to any one individual totaling no more than $100.  Special promotions can be arranged under certain situations at our discretion. To submit requests for financial or product donations please Click Here to Contact Us.


Affiliate Partner Program

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Apply to our Affiliate Partner Program to generate revenue for your organization all year long!

Benefits of Affiliate Partner Program

  • Up to a 10% Commission
  • 60 day cookie duration
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  • Average order value of $250
  • Wide Variety of Outdoor Equipment & Accessories
  • Fast order fulfillment
  • Nationwide Shipping
  • Best-in-class Brand Offering

By becoming a part of the High Plains Prospectors' Affiliate Partner Program.  Affiliates are able to get financial support for their club all year long.  After enrolling, Affiliate Partners get a discount code or custom links to our website where they can refer business and earn a 5%-10% commission on all sales through the High Plains Prospectors website.  Through your Affiliate Partner Dashboard, you can pick and choose which products you want to promote or you can simply link to our website and get commission on anyone who clicked through your website.  AND, even if they don't buy right then and they come back within 60 days, you still get a commission!

Commission rates begin at 5% and are reviewed on an annual basis based on performance.  Long term Partners with high performance can reach commissions of up to 10%! 

Become an Affiliate

For Information on Becoming An Affiliate click the image above.

Drop Shipping & Wholesale Partnerships

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Do you have a small shop or ecommerce website?  Looking to make a little higher return on your promotions?  Don't want to have to handle the products?

Our Wholesale Partner Channel may be your answer!

High Plains Wholesale is actively seeking dealer relationships to add to our 600+ dealer list. In order to become a dealer, you must be actively involved in the treasure hunting industry and be licensed in your state/country to do business.

Our wholesale customers can choose from ordering items in bulk to sell in your store or fulfill yourself.  A number of our wholesale customers work with us to simply dropship order for them.  In this instance we can ship items from our store with a shipping label of your organization.

All of the products listed on our retail website, are NOT available for wholesale.  

Click Here to learn more about available products and how to become an Approved Dealer with High Plains Prospectors.


Not all items may be available for commissions. Terms & Conditions subject to change.


Featured Items

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Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector with Garrett Gear -  Trailblazer Bundle

Best Sellers

Digging Shovels & Recovery Tools
Digging Shovels & Recovery Tools

Digging Shovels & Recovery Tools

Minelab Equinox 900
Minelab Equinox 900

Minelab Equinox 900

Pouch & Carry Bags

Pouch & Carry Bags

Sand Scoops
RTG Adjustable 3 Piece 4" Basket Accessories Reilly's Sand Scoop

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