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Another Successful Ring Recovery in Overland Park, KS

Another Successful Ring Recovery in Overland Park, KS

High Plains Prospectors was contacted by Zach M. from Overland Park, KS on Friday October 7th, 2022. He reported that a couple weeks ago he was shooting hoops in hid driveway at his home.  When he put up a sweet shot to the basket he felt his wedding band fly off his finger. He heard it bounce on cement a couple times and it flew into the adjacent grass.  He was unsure exactly where it ended up. Zach and his wife looked for the tungsten ring for a number of days, but they did not have any luck in finding it.

We received the call from Zach to assist in the ring recovery effort on Friday afternoon.  Knowing the importance of getting on top of a recovery as quickly as possible, our very own expert metal detectorist, Mike Eiser went out that afternoon to help find the ring.

lost ring found by basketball court

Mike arrived at Zach's home a short time after we took the call. The two discussed how and where the ring flew off of his finger.  Mike immediately got to work using his Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector  and Garrett Pro Pointer AT to search the general area of the yard where Zach thought the ring would most likely be.. After about an hour of searching, and no luck, Mike expanded the expected search area and....."swish"...…the ring was found and reunited with Zach!

Congrats on getting the ring back Zach and to Mike for yet another successful ring recovery!

If you have lost your ring and you are in the general vicinity of the Kansas City area, look us up.  If you are not near this area, give us a call anyway.  We have tens of thousands of metal detecting customers located all across the United States that would jump at the opportunity to help someone find something dear to their heart (or their pocket book).

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