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FAQ: What adhesive do you use for sluice box matting?

FAQ: What adhesive do you use for sluice box matting?

Anytime I continuously get the same question, I try to put it up here to make it public.  Gold prospectors are an innovative bunch.  Especially when it comes to building equipment to capture gold.  They are making sluice boxes out of wood, plastic, and metal - right in their garages!  To do this they need the proper parts.  Often, making the sluice box itself can be done out of basic scrap materials found around the woodshed.  When it comes to the other materials to make the sluice box catch gold better, sometimes they have to purchase it from someone like us. 

Check out our line of sluice boxes ready to use by clicking the image below:

Simple Steps to Build a Sluice Box for Gold -

Miner's moss, deep v matting, and low profile matting are common items we are sending out on a daily basis.  But, how to you affix things like deep v matting to a sluice box?  That is a very common question we get here at High Plains Prospectors.

So, I reached out to one of our manufacturers and asked him.  His answer was quick:  3M-90 Spray Adhesive.


3M-90 is a spray adhesive that works very well for adhering sluice box matting to aluminum, wood, or, well, really anything.  Just make sure you follow the instructions closely.  

I hope this helps answer the question, "What is the best adhesive for sluice box matting?"

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FAQ: What are the rules of metal detecting?

FAQ: What are the rules of metal detecting?

What are the rules of metal detecting is one of the most common questions we get from people new at the sport.  This article won't be long.  But, I think I can quickly sum up the answer to this question for most types of metal detecting.

In all honesty there are no "official" rules to metal detecting in and of itself.  However, there is a common code of ethics when it comes to detecting in certain locations.  

Metal Detecting Code of Ethics

Regardless of the region that you detect, there are a number of best practices that should always be adhered to....

Early 1900''s Finds

Early 1900''s Finds

Ed R from Kansas went hunting after work recently and found some great coins and sterling silver items.  To quote Ed "Had a lot of fun and it beat the heck out of doing my taxes. Love that Simplex from HPP!".  

On Ed's 1920s permission hunt he found a 1942 Merc, 1913 Barber dime, Buffalo Sterling Silver utensil handle.  

Thanks Ed for sharing your finds with us!


Shark Teeth and Other Items Found in North Carolina

Shark Teeth and Other Items Found in North Carolina

Gina T from North Carolina specializes in finding treasure. 

She sent us some of her finds as a thank you for our customer service - Thank you Gina!

Explanation of items found: 

Arrowhead, scraping tool (tip), large black chunk (with bits of shell in it) is jet, other block piece is fossilized bone, Sea Turtle shell chunks, and shark teeth.