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The Best New Metal Detector For Young Kids - Nokta Makro Mini Hoard

The Best New Metal Detector For Young Kids - Nokta Makro Mini Hoard

We recently received an order for a highly anticipated new metal detector that is made specifically for younger children.  Until now, we were very limited in where we could direct people looking to get their kids into this exciting hobby.  We only had a couple options...
How Deep Will a Metal Detector Go?

How Deep Will a Metal Detector Go?

This is, if not the most asked, one of the most frequent questions we get about metal detectors.  It is not as easy of a question to answer as one might think.  There are a lot of variables at play.  Of course there are metal detectors that are made specifically for finding deep targets.  Some can detect several meters under ground.  Some, lesser detectors, are manufactured to only detect shallow objects.  The detector's frequency and sensitivity are two factors.  But there are many other things to consider.

For those of you who only read the first couple paragraphs of an article, I can give you a  canned answer: 

A typical hand held metal detector can effectively detect an object...

Best Metal Detectors For The Beach

Best Metal Detectors For The Beach

In a previous post titled,  Metal Detecting on The Beach - The Best Place to Metal DetectI discussed my favorite place to metal detect.  There is very little argument that frequented beaches not only provide the best atmosphere to detect (think cool ocean breeze, sun kissed tan, and easy digging conditions), but it also provides one of the most lucrative locations to find valuable lost treasure.

Now, the questions presents itself : 

What Are The Best Metal Detectors For Hunting Beaches?

FAQ:  What is the purpose of a coil cover on a metal detector?

FAQ: What is the purpose of a coil cover on a metal detector?

Quite often I get a call from a customer discussing the basic function of a metal detector.  These discussions range from how to put it together, how to turn it on, and basic metal detector operations. 

One of the questions a lot of people are afraid to ask is what is a coil cover (also called a skid plate) and how is it used.  Should the coil cover be placed on the metal detector when in use or is it to protect the coil during storage?  Most of the time this question is asked hesitantly.  Some people are embarrassed to ask it.  They feel that it is a "stupid question".  The truth of the matter is, when it comes to getting into the sport of metal detecting, there are no stupid questions.  There are a lot of bells and whistles on the wide variety of metal detectors on the market and there are a lot of accessories.  There is a lot to learn when you first begin metal detecting....