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The Best Metal Detector For The Hearing Impaired

The Best Metal Detector For The Hearing Impaired

Do You Have Difficulty Hearing When Metal Detecting?  

If So, This Is The Metal Detector For You!

When we first did our unboxing video of the Nokta/Makro Simplex Plus metal detector, I was a bit skeptical...honestly speaking I still have my reservations.  I mean, how in THE WORLD can they sell all of this technology so affordably?

Then as I started playing with it a little I saw all that this introductory-priced metal detector had to offer.  Here is a link to a previous article where I wrote about it titled Top 5: Best Metal Detectors For Beginners.  

In the previous article I discussed the key gadgets that made this really affordable but quality metal detector rank in my top five best metal detectors for beginners.  One of the big reasons was its price.  At only $254.12, it is hard to understand how the manufacturer is offering so much technology at such a low price.  And, as I mentioned in that article, the only reason it was #5 on the list is that it is so new and needed time to prove itself to the world of metal detecting.  However, I will say, if it can stand the test of time, it will quickly move up the ranks of everyone's list.

After I wrote the previous article, it came to me a core group of individuals that could benefit from using this metal detector - the hearing impaired.  Now, not to try to stereotype the demographic that fuels our business as s detector dealer, but I can tell you that the vast majority of our customers are 50+ years old.  Although I am slightly younger than that group, a lot of us in and around that era spent a lot of time shooting guns and listening to rock and roll.  Which means we often have to cock our heads when listening to conversations.I know I do...."Speak into my good ear sonny!"  

One of the really cool features about the Simplex Plus metal detector is that it will pair with just about any Bluetooth device.  You can use the headphones that come with it or, if you are a really techie hearing aide user, you can even pair it with your Bluetooth hearing aids!  How cool is that?  Additionally, the handle vibrates when a target is located!  So, if the user is completely deaf, they can still use this detector without having to constantly look at the display screen for visual far as I know, other than the handhelds and underwater metal detectors, this is the only metal detector that provides this option.  Even better, much like some metal detectors give a faint audio signal for smaller items, the item is deeper, or a less desirable target and a more robust sound when the items is large, closer to the surface, or a higher quality target, the vibration function for this metal detector does the same thing!  The vibration is lighter or more intense respectively depending on the target...very, very neat feature for a metal detector.

Wireless metal detector with vibrating handle - Nokta Makro, Simplex Plus.

Watch our Unboxing and Field Test of the Simplex + Metal Detector:

Here is the excerpt from my previous article about the Simplex Plus metal detector:

"At $254.12 for the standard model and $339.15 for the model with wireless headphones, the Simplex Plus metal detector offers a lot of modern technology at an introductory price...and IT IS WATERPROOF up to 10'!  This is the only waterproof metal detector on the market in this price level.  

Screen view for Nokta Makro Simplex Plus Metal Detector.

Additionally at this price the detector comes with Bluetooth technology and can pair with the available headphones as well as Bluetooth hearing aids.  The metal detector also vibrates, making this an ideal detector for the hearing impaired.  In addition to this the detector's display has an option to turn on the back light and it comes with a bright little LED light that points to the coil for underwater, early morning, late evening, or night time metal detecting.

This detector comes in a relatively high frequency (12 khz) so it would be suitable for finding smaller gold pieces.  It has a relatively easy frequency shift so you can avoid EMT and other detector interference on the fly.  

This detector has 4 built-in search modes including all metal mode and iron volume adjustment so you can turn off the iron audio or reduce its volume....a pretty cool feature.  It also provides a double digit target ID readout display and you can notch out segments to avoid trash targets.  It also has a depth gauge readout on the display.

Audio tones for this detector or similar to the White's TreasureMaster in that it has a "rolling" audio versus distinct tones.  All of these things provide a detector that gives vast amounts of information to assist the user in determining targets pre-dig.

I love the shaft on this detector.  With the flip of a couple easy-to-use levers, it goes from 56" down to 26" so it is perfect for backpacking and will fit basically anybody from an infant to a giant.

The team at Nokta/Makro are always innovating and provides regular firmware updates for this detector.

The main drawback I see is the battery is built in on this metal detector.  This can be a problem if you are on a long hunt and don't have a way to charge it (like hiking or camping)...although there are ways to resolve this issue by keeping a solar charger or some other type of charger with you."

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