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Our Top Metal Detector Manufacturers - #3 Fisher Metal Detectors

Our Top Metal Detector Manufacturers - #3 Fisher Metal Detectors

Fisher Research Labs' metal detectors (now owned by First Texas Products) has been in the metal detector game longer than any other brand.  Although it has changed hands since Gerhard Fischer invented the first handheld metal detector and started selling them on a commercial scale in 1931, they still stay near the head of the pack in terms of innovation and quality. 

Fisher metal detectors is known best for its gold prospecting metal detector the Fisher Gold Bug II or Gold Bug Pro metal detector.  These high frequency metal detectors are ideal for prospecting for very small pieces of gold, nugget hunting, and are suitable for relic hunting as well.  As a known innovator in the metal detecting industry, you can always rely on them supplying not only excellent metal detectors but also excellent customer support.

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  • Josh Turpin