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Garrett ATX Metal Detector - The Deep Seeking, Cache Finding, Small Nugget Hound

Garrett ATX Metal Detector - The Deep Seeking, Cache Finding, Small Nugget Hound

garrett atx metal detector with black background

It has been a few years since the Garrett ATX Metal Detector was unveiled.  Since then the deep seeking metal detector has been put through the ringer in just about every possible scenario.  From the gold fields of Australia to the colonial ruins of New England, the metal detector has proven a reliable machine anywhere it is tested.

Known for their VLF metal detectors, this is one of Garret's two pulse induction metal detectors (the other being the Sea Hunter Mark II).  This metal detector is tuned in to find the smallest of targets - especially on small, low conductivity items (sub 0.1 gram nuggets, fine jewelry, etc.) in the most rugged conditions.

tiny gold nugget found by garrett atx metal detector

Built to be rugged and reliable, the Garrett ATX is also a metal detector that is very finely tuned to find the smallest pieces of treasure - namely gold.  The ATX includes advanced features to overcome the most extreme environmental conditions.  It is waterproof up to 10 feet and practically immune to saltwater mineralization making it ideal for beach hunting.  This metal detector features Fast Track ground balance.  This means the metal detector is constantly scanning and adjusting to variance in ground mineralization but also has manual ground balance for more extreme variances in ground conditions (i.e. saltwater).

Search modes for the Garrett ATX metal detector include Motion and Non-Motion Modes, plus Pinpoint. One thing we like about this metal detector is the very simple visual output.  Some detectors can overwhelm a detectorist often preventing them from digging "undesirable" targets that may actually be valuable treasure.

garrett atx visual display

The ATX's LED indicators show signal strength, current settings.  Very basic but enough information to clue in on what the target may potentially be.  The easy push-button control to alter Audio Threshold (25 settings) Volume is a nice addition to allow the user to decide how much they want to hear.  The detector has 13 sensitivity settings allowing the user to tune in the detector to their personal hunting style.

The Garrett ATX uses 8 AA batteries for power and comes standard with 8 AA rechargeable batteries and a charger.  We like this because if you are on a multi-day metal detecting trip, you don't have to worry about recharging a built-in battery - simply swap them out with fresh batteries and go.

Collapsible to only 20" the Garrett ATX is an ideal travel metal detector.  Weighing in at 6.9 lbs it is a bit heavier than many other detectors but the machine is very well balanced with the battery and components situated to the rear of the detector handle which balances out the weight of the coil.  Additionally it comes with a detector sling allowing the user to offset the weight and hunt longer without fatigue. Available with a rugged military grade hard case provides this detector with an additional layer of protection as you tote it across the country to find treasure.

Not convinced yet?  Check out these pictures of all of the gold and treasure found with the ATX metal Detector:  Garrett ATX Finds Photo Gallery 

The only difficult thing about this metal detector is deciding which package you want to purchase. The options are practically endless with 5 different coil options.  Find deeply buried objects, large gold, caches, relics and more with the over sized ATX DeepSeeker 15" x 20' search coil or narrow down your field of detection and fit in tighter spots with the 8" monoloop search coil.

Other coil options are:

PN: 1140820—10”x12” DD Coil Package   MSRP: $2,995.95
PN: 1140840—11” x 13” Mono Coil Package   MSRP: $2,995.95
PN: 1140830—11” x 13” DD Coil Package   MSRP: $2,995.95 

We think the simple answer is to just get them all!

Click the link provided to check out these videos by Garrett Metal Detectors of the Garrett ATX metal detector in use.

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