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FAQ -What Are a Metal Detectorists Top 10 Most Important & Useful Tools

FAQ -What Are a Metal Detectorists Top 10 Most Important & Useful Tools 0

Jerrid T. Recently asked:

“I’m new to the trade but have a serious interest. I’m looking to purchase the AT Pro Sports Pack as well as the Pro-Pointer. Any recommendations or other items I should consider? I’ll mainly be detecting on farm properties for relics and precious metals. Thank you for your assistance.”


Excellent question and good pick on the metal detector. I think the AT Pro is one of the best on the market. It is an excellent machine with a lot of options and is priced affordably. The pin pointer is a must. It is a life saver and pays for itself in time and recovery. I recommend the Garrett Pro Pointer II. It is rugged and works like a charm especially when you learn to dial it in to find treasure (more on that later).

Here are the top recommended detectorist tools in addition to a good metal detector and pinponter and explanations why.

Minelab Military Discount Policy & Acceptable Proof of Military Service

Minelab Military Discount Policy & Acceptable Proof of Military Service 0

High Plains Prospectors offers a 15% discount on Minelab Metal Detectors!

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Minelab's Military Discount Program Minelab offers a 15% discount that is shared between the dealer and Minelab. Dealer participation is voluntary. A dealer is not obligated to offer the program.

The discount is only applicable for the individual listed on document. Receipt and registration must be in the name of the individual. The receipt must include an address.

Only 1 detector may be discounted per individual, per calendar year.

How it works:

Dealer sells a Minelab Detector** to a Military Veteran or Active Duty Member of Military for 15% off Selling Price

Dealer to verify Military Service and copy document – Acceptable Documents include:

  • DD214
  • Driver’s License – Some states have begun to note “Veteran” on License
  • Certificate highlighting branch of service
  • VA Card
  • Should a customer present another type of document, approval must first be obtained through Minelab.

To Obtain Your Discount:

Customer needs to send or bring in a copy of the above documentation prior to purchase. For online sales will create an invoice and email it to you or you can pay over the phone for your purchase. We will then copy document for submission to Minelab. Customer can black out all pertinent information other than Name and Title.  Acceptance of submission is at the sole discretion of Minelab.

***It is against the law to make a photocopy of a Military ID, so please do not do so. Minelab will no longer accept a copy of a Military ID as a verifying document.***

FAQ: Are All of The Good Metal Detecting Spots Hunted Out?

FAQ: Are All of The Good Metal Detecting Spots Hunted Out? 0

One of the most common questions I get from people who just started or are just now getting into metal detecting is, “Is there anywhere good left to hunt?”  

The answer is YES!

There are metallic traces of man scattered all across the globe.  Historically trash service was not a common thing…trash cans either for that matter.  And the term “green planet” when referring to environmental protection is something developed within the last half century.  Before those important developments, man was not so responsible when it came to discarding refuse.  Although sad, even to this day, it is not uncommon to find “dumps” along dusty roadsides in rural America.  Just about any farm that has been around for any length of time has a dump pile nestled within a culvert out of public view.  This being said, the number of buried targets in the world are literally unimaginable.

Prospecting Your Way Through The Golden Years

Prospecting Your Way Through The Golden Years 0

Although it seems like more and more young men and women are suddenly becoming attracted to the hobby of gold prospecting and metal detecting, a large percentage of our customers are older folks and retirees.  At least weekly I speak to a person who is just now leaving the workforce and trying to figure out what to do.  I do not believe it to be wise to retire without a plan.  I have seen it drive people very near the cliff of insanity.  I think it is well advised to retire to something.  Some of these people already have some prospecting experience and now have the opportunity to finally load up the motorhome and head for the gold fields.  Some of them have watched Tom Massie on Gold Fever for many years and always fantasized about doing it.  Regardless of their experience level, many of these folks are typically looking for two things:

  1. A way to stay active and healthy in their golden years.
  2. A way to supplement their retirement or social security income.