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Why a Pinpointer is Such a Crucial Part of Your Metal Detecting Gear

Why a Pinpointer is Such a Crucial Part of Your Metal Detecting Gear

When I first started metal detecting, it was a lot like other people.  I bought a cheap metal detector (Bounty Hunter Model) from a local sporting good store.  I grabbed a shovel from my garage and a small hand held gardening trowel.  I wasn't interested in spending a lot on my gear as I was new to it and wanted to see if it was something I would stick to.

Suffice to say, 12 years later, I am still at it.  I became addicted once I dug up my first interesting and valuable item...a silver Roosevelt dime.  Once that happened, my metal detecting arsenal gradually grew.  At first, I bought a cheap Whites Bullseye II pinpointer.  It was a game changer.  Instead of having to spend time hunched over or down on my knees sifting through soil to find an elusive target, I could quickly and easily pinpoint exactly where the target was either in the hole or in the plug I dug out of the ground.  

I quickly realized that I had been doing it wrong the whole time.  The speed and ability to quickly recover a target from the soil improved dramatically.  Therefore I was digging more targets in a shorter time which resulted in finding more interesting and valuable targets.  As I have always said, the guy who digs the most wins.  I realized this early on because, at the end of the day, my detecting partner would have a larger pile of trash and a larger pile of treasure.  He was simply spending more time locating good potential targets while I was down on my knees sifting through dirt.  And he was able to do that since he had a good Garrett Pro Pointer II.  

I soon upgraded to the Garrett Pro Pointer II and realized how important it was to have a good quality pinpointer.  Although there are several brands available nowadays, the most popular, and in my opinion the best, pinpointer is the Garrett Pro Pointer AT due to it being waterproof.  I still use the Pro Pointer II when I am hunting on dry land for various reasons.

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Even if you only have a budget for a "cheap" pinpointer, I cannot stress how important it is to have one in your gear package. They make the sport so much more enjoyable and will definitely improve your results.  Cheap pointers like the GP Pointer will not last near as long as a good pointer and they are nowhere near as sensitive.  However, it is better than nothing.  And, once you have dug up enough coinage, you can simply upgrade to something better.

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