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What Metal Detectors Do They Use on The Curse of Oak Island?

What Metal Detectors Do They Use on The Curse of Oak Island?

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Metal Detectors Used on The Curse of Oak Island

The show Curse of Oak Island has been chugging along for several years now.  The brothers Marty and Rick Lagina have been featured on the History channel since 2014 and have yet to unearth any real treasure.  They, and their metal detection cohort Gary Drayton have, however, unearthed some really interesting finds using metal detectors.

The Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector is a Popular Choice for Serious Metal Detectorists,
ctx 3030 metal detector image

Who is Gary Drayton?

image of gary drayton

One of the most common questions we get nowadays is "What kind of metal detector does Gary Drayton use on The Curse of Oak Island?"  

Let's start first with answering the question, "Who is Gary Drayton?"

Gary Drayton is a modern day treasure hunter born May 30, 1961 in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England, UK.  He is a self proclaimed "Metal Detecting Ninja".  I would probably have to agree.  Making it to the top in the small world of metal detecting enthusiasts is not an easy task.  Gary has managed to take the sport of metal detecting and make it a career. He is the metal detectorist you see starring on The Curse of Oak Island and now resides in South Florida where he writes books on metal detecting, hosts private metal detecting hunts, and nodoubt scours the beaches of America finding lost treasure.

Gary is now known by just about every historian and metal detectorist around the world and has starred on several TV shows prior to his appearance on The Curse of Oak Island. To answer the question, "What metal detector does Gary Drayton use?"  We all know he leans towards Minelab products.  Most often he is seen toting around the coveted Minelab CTX 3030 metal detector.  But, Gary has a history of using other Minelab metal detector models (seen above).

According to his IMDB Biography: 

"Gary utilizes a range of Minelab detectors. His first Minelab metal detector was the Excalibur, a metal detector he still uses today. Gary states that "As any long time Minelab user will tell you, the only way to beat a Minelab is by using another Minelab so I always have other specialist tools in the old tool shed". Searching for Spanish treasure on the beach Gary prefers the awesome, deep detection power of the GPX 5000 and large Commander search coils. While for traveling on metal detecting vacations he grabs the Equinox 800 and for the majority of tourist beach jewelry hunts he can't go past his CTX 3030"

Regardless of what metal detector Gary Drayton or any detectorist uses, we can all agree on the envy we have for how he has attacked the sport of metal detecting head on and made it into something more. 

I hope this clarifies what kind of metal detector Gary Drayton uses for all of you detector enthusiasts. Good luck and happy hunting!


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  • Joshua Turpin