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Garrett Pro Pointer II vs Pro Pointer II - Review and Comparison

Garrett Pro Pointer II vs Pro Pointer II - Review and Comparison

The Garrett Pro Pointer II was a turning point for pinpointer style metal detectors.  Prior to that you were relatively limited in your hand held pinpointing metal detector options.  I used the White's Bullseye II for about a year before I upgraded to the Garrett Pro Pointer II.  Man, was there a big difference.  My Bullseye II was really coming apart and acting very sporadic within a year of use and the functionality of the Pro Pointer II was leagues above the Bullseye II.  

My Review of The Garrett Pro Pointers

Overall, in my opinion, Garrett makes the best pinpointers on the market.  When deciding on whether a pinpointer is a good one to purchase I look at a few factors.  

Durability/Quality of Construction - This would include the construction of the pinpointer as well as whether or not it is water proof.  The Garrett Pro Pointers is definitely a rugged and reliable pinpointer.  The Pro Pointer II is not, however water proof.  Garrett does however offer a waterproof version in the Garrett Pro Pointer AT with a few added functions.  I prefer the Garrett Pro Pointer II because it does not have the added functions of the AT.  

Functionality - As I mentioned I like the Pro Pointer II over the AT series pointer because it is simpler to use.  It is on,off, and tune.  Here is what I mean by "tuning in" your pinpointer.  Essentially you are shrinking the detection field of the pointer. Various models work differently but for the Pro Pointer II, imagine you have a target located in a clump of dirt.  As you run the pointer over the dirt you will get a signal.  Now, depending on the size of the object you will detect it from, let's say 5 inches.  The pinpointer also detects from a 360 degree radius as well as the very tip of the pointer.  So at 5" you still aren't exactly sure where the target is in the clump.  So, you can get as close as you can on the edge of the clump of earth, get a signal, and hold it steady in that position then turn the pointer off and then back on.  You will no longer have a signal. As you move the pointer closer to the target the signal will resume.  You can continue to do this until you are literally right no top of the target.  Thus, you are not having to destroy the whole clump of dirt and potentially kill the grass in the clump.  With the Pro Pointer AT, the functionality is nice in that you do not have to turn it completely off when tuning it in.  Rather, you simply press and release the button.  One feature I like about the Pro Pointer II is that the on/off function is to simply press the button.  With the Pro Pointer AT, to turn it off, you have to hold the button down until it shuts off.  This can be a pain in the but if you are out in the field and want to turn it on, find a target quickly then turn it off quickly and stick it in your pouch to move on to the next target.  You have to hesitate with the AT series.  This is just my opinion.  Additionally with the AT pointer, if you hold the button too long, it will start switching modes and sensitivity...this can be a hassle too as in order to get it back to the original/normal setting, you will have to scroll through like 6 different setting to get it back to where you want it.

The Pro Pointer AT does come with a Z-Lynk option.  With this upgrade you can link your pointer to a wireless headphone set.  There is a kit with the headphones, Z-Lynk transmitter, and the pointer as well as one with just the pointer.  Paring the Z-Lynk system to the headphones is a piece of cake and a matter of only pressing a couple buttons.  Below is a comparison of the specs for the pointers Garrett offers:


Garrett Electronics, Inc. ("Garrett") warrants that each piece of detection equipment manufactured by Garrett is protected by the following limited parts and labor warranty for a period of 24 (twenty-four) months from the date of purchase, with the following exception: the Sea Hunter Mk II, which is covered for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase. During this 24-month period Garrett will inspect and evaluate all equipment returned to its authorized repair station or factory to determine if the equipment meets Garrett’s performance specifications. Garrett will repair or replace at no charge to the owner all parts determined faulty. This Warranty does not cover batteries nor any and all failures caused by abuse, tampering, theft, failure due to the weather, battery acid or other contaminants and equipment repairs made by an unauthorized party.


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