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Small Gold Ring Found In Merriam, Kansas - Owners Very Happy

Small Gold Ring Found In Merriam, Kansas - Owners Very Happy 0

couple holding ring found by high plains prospectorsHeather and Her Husband Holding The Recovered Ring and Baseball Glove

Early last week I received a call from a lady named Heather in desperate need of help. Her and her husband were playing baseball catch in the back yard beneath an enormous shade tree.  When they wrapped up their session she took her glove off and walked into her house when she suddenly realized her engagement ring and wedding band were both gone.  Startled, she realized she had not taken them off her hand when she put her baseball glove on.  She was pleased when she immediately found the engagement portion of the set inside the ball glove.  The wedding band, however was missing....  

The Best Way To Get Your Kids Away From The Screen and Outside

The Best Way To Get Your Kids Away From The Screen and Outside 0

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least.  People have been forced to confine in their homes, recommended to social distance, and so on. An article from Forbes stated that, during the plandemic, that kids screen time has surged by as much as 60%. Meaning they are spending as much as 5 hours a day on a device.  With going back to school in question it may only get worse. It is getting harder and harder to find activities that are intriguing enough to a young vibrant mind to occupy so many full days of emptiness.  

Fortunately there is a solution.... 

Finding Primitive Artifacts - Arrowhead Hunting

Finding Primitive Artifacts - Arrowhead Hunting 0

I remember as a young child walking along in the dense wooded Oklahoma countryside with my father.  He would always tell me to keep my eyes on the ground.  Not only because you never knew when you would come upon one of the various varieties of poisonous snakes that could be found in that part of the country but also because of the potential of discovering a little bit of Native American history. 

Over many centuries the region which is now Oklahoma has been home to rich Native American Indian culture.  In fact archaeological evidence suggests the presence of prehistoric Indian tribes in Oklahoma as far back as 30,000 years ago.  The area I grew up is located within the current Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.  My father always taught us to be respectful of Native American culture and passed that knowledge to us during outdoor excursions.  He explained how natives used and made tools, how they used every piece of an animal once it was sacrificed for food.  He explained the value of the natural world and what it could provide if you knew how to properly use it.

Just-a-Swingin’ – Metal Detector Swing Speed

Just-a-Swingin’ – Metal Detector Swing Speed 0

I watch a lot of metal detecting and treasure hunting videos and see a few comments from random viewers criticizing other detectorist’s detecting techniques. One post said, “Why you swingin so fast? You’d find a lot more treasure if you slowed down.” That struck me as kind of odd…I sorta disagree (he was hunting on the beach BTW).

Metal detecting is about running your detector over the right piece of ground at the right time. How do you cover more ground going slow? Okay, okay, let me appease all of the naysayers that are reading this. There is a time and a place for swinging your metal detector slow. There is also a time and a place to keep moving. It is not the viewer’s (who only sees but a fraction of the actual hunt) position to decide. Here are some examples and reasons why you may want to swing your metal detector fast or slow.