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Kansas Metal Detectorist Finds Rare 1950's Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pit Pass

Kansas Metal Detectorist Finds Rare 1950's Indianapolis Motor Speedway Pit Pass

Jerry E. from Topeka, KS recently shared a metal detecting find. He found this badge while metal detecting a military base he has access to.  He was using a Whites DFX 6 metal detector with an Ultimate 13" Coil.  He found it at about 5" and said it had a solid 80's reading and a solid audio signal.

Here is a little history on the badge (from the website):

"Made of bronze, The race fan possessing a Bronze Badge gets free
admission into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the
month of May, except race day.  Perhaps more importantly,
it also allows them daily access to the garage area where
they can get up close to the drivers, race teams and race

Current pricing (2016) for a Bronze Badge is $150.

Cardboard or laminate badges were utilized from the
inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911 through 1937, and were
assigned only to event participants.

Beginning in 1938, more durable metal badges were used
before IMS Bronze Badges made their debut in 1947 and
were initially sold to the general public in the early 1990s.

Today they all are cherished collectibles.

These badges are also made in silver and are appropriately
called Silver Badges.  These get you into the pits  These are
not available to the general public." 

The badge Jerry found can be bought off Ebay for $195.  It is in better condition, but with a little love, this one might clean up well and be a valuable little metal detecting find.  Great work Jerry!  Thanks for your submission!

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