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The Best Way To Get Your Kids Away From The Screen and Outside

The Best Way To Get Your Kids Away From The Screen and Outside

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least.  People have been forced to confine in their homes, recommended to social distance, and so on. An article from Forbes stated that, during the plandemic, that kids screen time has surged by as much as 60%. Meaning they are spending as much as 5 hours a day on a device.  With going back to school in question it may only get worse. It is getting harder and harder to find activities that are intriguing enough to a young vibrant mind to occupy so many full days of emptiness.  

Fortunately there is a solution.  One that will get them off the couch, outside, and will engage both their curious minds and energetic bodies.  In a previous blog, I wrote an article titled 3 of The Best Activities to Social Distance Outside it was well received. On Facebook, the article was viewed by over 300,000 people.  It was a well timed article.

In this article, am going to focus on one of these three things as a great way to intrigue kids enough to get out of the house and doing outdoor activities.  This activity will not only get them up and moving, but it can help them expand their mind.

Metal Detecting For Kids

When you think of somebody metal detecting, you often think of a graying man with a visor and flip flops combing the beach.  While it is true that the majority of the people that engage in this hobby are middle to late in years, we are seeing a steady increase in youngsters getting into the sport.  Much of this is due to parents cringing as they watch their children stare mindlessly into a screen all day, munching on snack foods, and getting very little exercise mentally or physically.  Metal detector manufacturers are also starting to come around the the importance of this market segment and making detectors that cater specifically to kids.

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Benefits of Metal Detecting For Kids:

1.  Physical Fitness

The first benefit is obvious.  You get them off their devices and outside.  Metal detecting is a light physical activity but it definitely burns calories and gets youngsters moving.  To successfully metal detect you have to walk and swing a metal detector.  You have to kneel down, dig up a target, and get back up - think doing lunges in the gym.  Just about every time I go metal detecting, I maintain a pretty good sweat...and I am not in bad shape.

2. Mental Fitness

When you metal detect, there is the possibility to dig up all sorts of things.  Depending on where you are detecting, you can find modern coins, more valuable old or rare coins, jewelry, or my favorite relics.  When you find relics a weird thing happens.  You will inevitably find a thingamajig or a whatchamacallit that will leave you scratching your head.  You may find yourself scouring the internet and metal detecting forums to find help identifying what you dug up.  Finding coins is the same way.  Once you dig one up  you will need to do some research to determine if and why it may be a rare and valuable find.

3.  Fill The Piggy Bank

Anyone who has metal detected for any length of time will tell you how much lost coinage is out there.  Any given day a person can go out and dig up a couple dollars worth of change.  Overtime you can amass a fair amount of money.  And, if you are persistent you will certainly eventually dig up a piece of jewelry made of precious metal.

What better way to fill time, intrigue bodies and mind, and potentially walk away with a larger savings account for your kids than picking up a metal detector and going out hunting?

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