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FAQ:  What does gold come up as on a metal detector?

FAQ: What does gold come up as on a metal detector?

Once again, I figured I would do a quick blog on a question that we get quite often:  Where does gold ring up on a metal detector?

This is a tricky answer.  The reason is because gold objects, whether naturally occurring nuggets, or the various man made gold objects, range across the board on a metal detector much like you find with aluminum and other metals.  It comes in all shapes and sizes just like aluminum.  Gold, however, throws another curve ball at metal detectorists.... 

Ring Found in Rose Hill Kansas by The Ring Finders of Kansas City - High Plains Prospectors

Ring Found in Rose Hill Kansas by The Ring Finders of Kansas City - High Plains Prospectors

It was late on a frigid Wednesday night in January when I got a text from a young lady who was desperate for some help.  Our metal detecting shop is located in Olathe, KS.  About 3 hours from Rosehill, KS where she was located.  She had been out tending to her horses, tossing hay, and preparing them for the cold night ahead.  It was a muddy mess and she had been sloshing around in the muck completing her chores when, afterwards, she realized the ring that she had inherited from her dear grandmother was no longer on her finger....
Top 5 Outdoor Side Hustles for 2020 - Make Money and Get Outside!

Top 5 Outdoor Side Hustles for 2020 - Make Money and Get Outside!

It seems like nowadays, in order to make ends-meet, or perhaps to ensure some sort of discretionary income for things you want (or want to do) over and above just surviving, more and more people are finding creative ways to earn income. There is a plethora of listing on sites like Etsy or Facebook swap-n-shop of home-made products people sell to earn money.  I have a friend that create t-shirts, hoodies, and sells them on Facebook to supplement her income...she hasn't had the gig going too long but is already getting more orders than she can keep up with.  We call this type of thing a "Side Hustle".  This is the type of thing you can do in your spare time (when you are not working your "real job" to earn a little extra spending money.

As a dealer of outdoor adventure and treasure hunting supply, I am always trying to find new and exciting products and ideas with goal of encouraging people to get off the couch and get outside.  I also love the success stories my customers bring to me.  Although a great deal of the time, the users of our products are doing a lot of digging, they quite often do find real treasure - and they can, and do, make money.  This inspired us to create a list of activities that accomplish both of those goals - to make money and get outside. 

Metal Detector Rental - Kansas City Metro Area

Metal Detector Rental - Kansas City Metro Area

Find Your Lost Items - Metal Detector Rental - Kansas City Area Only - FREE Instruction

We get calls all year long from people who have lost something very dear or valuable to them.  Some of those folks ask us to come and help find their items through our Metal Detector Recovery Services and some want to give it a go themselves.  

Whichever group you fall in, we are here to help.  Located in Olathe, KS we have dozens of metal detectors that are suited to finding any various type of metallic item you may have lost.  We have a proven track record of helping people find items they have lost with a metal detector and many happy-ending tales of people who have used our metal detectors to find anything from lost rings, earrings, or necklaces.  Not only can they use a metal detector to find valuable items, many contractors have rented metal detectors from us to find such things as manhole covers, pipes, buried cables, etc.

Whether it is on solid ground or in the water, we have metal detectors that can work in all terrains.

Whatever it is you need to find with a metal detector, we can help you do it.  Whether we help you out or simply instruct you on how to operate a metal detector effectively.  We are glad to accommodate your metal detecting needs.

Contact Us for more information on metal detector recovery services in the Kansas City area.