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Best Metal Detectors For The Beach

Best Metal Detectors For The Beach

In a previous post titled,  Metal Detecting on The Beach - The Best Place to Metal DetectI discussed my favorite place to metal detect.  There is very little argument that frequented beaches not only provide the best atmosphere to detect (think cool ocean breeze, sun kissed tan, and easy digging conditions), but it also provides one of the most lucrative locations to find valuable lost treasure.

Now, the questions presents itself : 

What Are The Best Metal Detectors For Hunting Beaches?

metal detecting beach hunter package image

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One of the first things to remember is that this question differs depending on exactly what type of beach you will be detecting and whether or not you are detecting on dry or wet beach.  Here are our top three choices for beach metal detectors.

Metal Detecting Saltwater Beaches VS Freshwater Beaches

Saltwater beaches can be tricky for some detectors.  On the dry sand, most any detector will work well.  That changes when you move from the dry part of the beach to the part that has recently been soaked by waves or the tide and whether or not you will be in the actual salt water.  Saltwater is heavily mineralized guessed it salt.  And this mineralization can cause issues with the detectors ability to function properly.  In these conditions you will need a detector that is built to handle this condition.  Below are three detectors, at three different price ranges, that are build to handle the mineralized conditions found on a wet, saltwater beach.  

Garrett ACE APEX metal detector - $424.96

ace apex metal detector

There are several different brands of metal detectors that will work well for just about any dry beach (freshwater or saltwater). Just about any detector can be used on any dry beach or a wet freshwater beach.  Hunting wet saltwater beaches or in saltwater surf is where an average metal detector will have trouble. Having a detector that has a mode specifically for hunting a wet, saltwater beach is a certain way to make sure you buy a detector that will operate well in in those conditions.  Garrett just has recently released a multi-frequency metal detector that has a mode built-in that was created specifically for these conditions.  Other modes on the detector will allow this machine to be used for coins, jewelry, and relics as well.  This makes it an all around good metal detector for just about any use.  The only drawback is the Garrett APEX is not fully submersible.  Most detectors' coils are waterproof.  So, as long as you don't go any deeper than knee deep, and don't drop the metal detector in the water, you should be okay.  

Minelab Equinox Series Metal Detectors - Starting as low as $649 

equinox 600 metal detector image

Minelab offers one of the best detectors for the beach if you are looking for a fully submersible metal detector.  Waterproof up to 3 meters (10') the Equinox series detectors are well suited, with a special Beach Mode, for any type of beach hunting experience. As mentioned in my previous articles, both detectors will work well for the beach.  The equinox 800 however comes stock with the wireless headphones and offers a mode that will allow it to search better for smaller gold nuggets (the Equinox 600 does not).  So, if you are a prospector and a beach hunter, you may want to opt for the Equinox the Equinox Minelab wireless headphones are a huge bonus as they cost $139 by themselves.

Click Here to read my article on the difference between the Equinox 800 and Equinox 600 metal detectors.

Nokta-Makro Simplex Plus - As Low As $254 

nokta makro simplex plus metal detector

Another relative newcomer to the market offers a lot of bang for your buck.  Nokta-Makro released a fully submersible metal detector that offers a mode specifically for hunting beaches for a very good price.  This is the first fully submersible metal detector in this price range.  Now, to be fully transparent, we have had some manufacturing issues with these detectors.  Additionally, getting service and parts has proved challenging at times.  But, things are getting better.  You also have an opportunity with this detector, as a package, to add wireless headphones to it.  Additionally, this is one of the only metal detectors like it that has built in vibration, which is great for the hearing impaired.  I wrote an article recently that discusses this and some of the unique advantages of the Simplex Plus titled, The Best Metal Detector For The Hearing Impaired 

As mentioned, most metal detectors will allow you to hunt on any dry beach.  So, if you are budget minded and can stay out of the wet saltwater conditions, take your pick of any number of our quality metal detectors.

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