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As One Hunting Season Ends, Another Begins - The Treasure Hunt

As One Hunting Season Ends, Another Begins - The Treasure Hunt

Feeling Post Hunting Season Affective Disorder?

Okay, so maybe that's not really a thing...or is is?  If you are the type of person that enjoys the thrill of the hunt and the connection with nature just as much as taking down your prey, you may want to look into the hunting season that is open year round.

I have been selling metal detectors to folks for about 8 years now and one common connection is that many of them simply love being outdoors. Whether they like camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing there is a common denominator - they all love outdoor nature-bonding experiences.  A great many of them also enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  Mapping out your hunting zone, picking the right spot, getting permission to access good hunting grounds, gearing up with kick-ass customization, and getting out into nature to stalk your prey.  You are constantly looking for the right signs and clues as to where your quarry might be.  Just like when hunting fish and game, treasure hunting takes all of these skills - and more. 

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Treasure hunting often takes the hunter down another path.  When looking for valuable treasure, one almost needs to become a bit of a historian when it comes to metal detecting for relics and lost treasure and bit of a geologist when it comes to gold prospecting. In order to find the best hunting grounds a metal detectorist needs to be able to find locations where people have congregated for a long time - or did a long time ago.  When gold prospecting, knowing the different types of minerals that coexist with gold will lead you to the most likely place to find it.

The great many things that hunting game and stalking fish are involved in the sport of treasure hunting.  You need to choose and fully learn how to use your weapon of choice, say for instance a Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector, instead of your 30-06 deer rifle.  You will need kick ass little accessories like a serrated edge digging trowel or a pinpointer (almost like carrying a hunting knife and a sidearm).  You will carry a game pouch for your treasure and you need to be wearing the same rugged outdoor wear that you do when hunting.  There are ticks, thorns, poison plants...all the things you would expect during a spring turkey hunt.  

So, if you find yourself geeking to get out of the house, to get out into nature, and do what you love doing best, DO IT!  Regardless of what time of year, there is always something to be dug up from the earth.   And like hunting, you will spend a lot more time preparing, stalking, and walking than you will taking down those prize buck$.  But, eventually you will, and the thrill will be absolutely amazing!

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