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2021's Top Gift Ideas For The Metal Detectorist in Your Life

2021's Top Gift Ideas For The Metal Detectorist in Your Life

Buying a gift for someone who is interested in the sport of treasure hunting can be challenging.  Especially if you are not too privy to the unique and interesting items that may really tickle their fancy.  Most of them will already have the items necessary to metal detect in a basic fashion (i.e. metal detector, digging tools, etc.)  But, there are many cool accessories they may not even know they need.  Have no worries.  We have compiled a list for you ranging from big ticket items all the way down to stocking stuffers.


Gifts For Those New to Metal Detecting:

These people may, in fact, be in need of an actual metal detector to get started in this exciting hobby.  It is important not to under-buy or over buy a metal detector for a beginner.  They can be either too simple or too complex. 

Also, make sure you get them some accessories they may need to metal detect effectively.  Consider purchasing a bundle package that comes with a finds pouch, digging tool, and perhaps a pinpointer - which is a much needed tool to metal detect efficiently.

If you are buying a metal detector for a newbie, look no further.  We have compiled a list of the top selling metal detectors for beginners.

Click HERE for the best selling metal detectors for beginners!

 Once that person has geared up with the necessities, it becomes a little harder to purchase unique gifts for metal detecting.  But, there are tons of items that will compliment their quest for treasure.


 Coin and Relic Cleaning Tools

The unfortunate truth is that most of the things we dig while metal detecting are dirty.  While gold will retain its beautiful luster for an eternity, most other metals will tarnish.  For this, sometimes you have to employ physical, chemical, or electrical components to achieve the best possible cleaning of these items.  Then, once you have the item as clean as possible, it is wise to use something like Relic Wax to preserve the items.  

At High Plains Prospectors, we offer a variety of cleaning tools and complete cleaning package.  For the finds such as coins, which may only need a light cleaning with less harsh chemicals, we offer Conserv Safe Coin Cleaning Solution.  For a little more aggressive applications you could consider BU Plus, or for items with a severe patina you want to remove, you may consider a Metal De-corroder

Other items that assist metal detectorists to clean items include a variety of cleaning brushed, magnifiers, and even an electrolysis unit for cleaning coins.

Just like the name implies, the Ugly Box is not much to look at but it doesa great job of safely cleaning coins.



Metal Detecting Finds Displays

If a person has been metal detecting long enough, they will certainly begin piling up finds.  Some of it will be scrap metal, some of it will be worthless.  Eventually, it is certain that the person will find something valuable and/or very interesting. They will want to show the world their finds (or at least close friends).  There are several different types of displays available for this.  One of my favorite are the glass top Riker style display boxes.  Available in many different sizes, these are used to house collections.  Perhaps their collections will be from a particular location, era, or type of find such as bullets.

Small Riker Style Display Box with Metal Detecting Finds


Digging and Recovery Tools

Many people, such as myself, start out metal detecting by using shovels derived from their garage or local hardware store.  After about a year of metal detecting and breaking a pile of store bought shovels, I was introduced to a line of shovels made specifically for metal detecting.  These are the types of shovels that are made for abuse.  They can be used for, quite literally, a lifetime if not overly abused.  

These shovels are well built and come with a serrated edge for cutting through sod and roots like butter.  They come in a variety of length, handle styles, and construction type.

One of my personal favorite metal detecting digging tool is the Sampson Ball Handled spade.

Other items that are good to have in a metal detecting arsenal are sand scoops.  Nothing makes a metal detecting trip to the beach more enjoyable (other that cocktails and beautiful weather) than a good sand scoop.  For as little at $9 you can outfit a metal detectorist with an affordable plastic scoop.  Want a more substantial gift?  The Nokta Makro 3-in-1 sand scoop offers a quality basket style sand scoop with a couple different handle configurations.



Treasure Hunting Books and Maps

There is a plethora of metal detecting and gold prospecting books and maps available that will not only provide hours of knowledge and entertainment, they will also spark the desire to go out and dig up treasure.   

My favorite book about metal detecting is Relic Quest from author and avid detectorist Stephen Moore.

image of book Relic Quest

In addition to books, there are very detailed maps available for many of the Western States that show precise locations of old ghost towns and gem and gold mining claims of the past.  These locations are excellent locations to get started metal detecting and prospecting for gold or gems.


Pimp My Metal Detector

Metal detector manufacturers and aftermarket supply companies make some awesome accessories for metal detectors that can make the sport more enjoyable and have you looking pretty darn cool doing it (if that's possible :).

Some affordable options are an item called "Snake Skins".  These are a mesh tubing to cover the search coil cables.  I suppose they provide some protection for the coil wires (which I have seen cut into on accident out in the field) but more than that they provide a little extra flare.  They are available in a variety of colors .  These are made to fit some Nokta Makro and Minelab Equinox Series metal detectors.  Unfortunately as of right now there are none that fit the Garrett AT series coil cables due to the larger prong on the waterproof connection.


Check this Equinox 800 and its flashy upgrades.

pimped out equinox 800 metal detector

The detector above is my personal detector.  I feel like the custom face plate cover and the blue custom arm cuff strap really help set this metal detector off.

How About an Upgrade?

Might sound obvious but, many of those who become avid metal detectorists will often outgrow a few machines before they decide on their "go-to" metal detector.  If the person you are purchasing a gift for has been metal detecting for a year or so, they may be ready for an upgrade.  

So, you ask, what is the best metal detector to upgrade to?  That is budget dependent.  If you are restricted on the amount you can spend but want to get a good bang for your buck, consider the Nokta Makro Simplex + metal detector.

For the budget conscious the Nokta Makro Simplex Plus is a great option for a metal detector upgrade.

The Nokta Makro is the first fully waterproof metal detector that costs less than $500!

If your budget is not so restricted, there is no where else to look than the Minelab Equinox Series Metal Detectors.  By and large, the most upgraded-to metal detector is the Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector.  There is no question.  If it is in your budget, you cannot, at this time, purchase a better metal detector than the Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector.

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