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The New Successful Coin Hunting by Charles Garrett

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Revised periodically, Garrett's guide to coin hunting has been the authoritative source for over 35 years!

262 Pages
55 Color and 64 B&W photos and illustrations
Standard 5.5" x 8.5"
Soft cover

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James H.
Excellent Coin Hunting Book

Charles Garrett provides numerous suggestions of locations one can look for modern and historical coins. Anywhere people have been, they have lost some type of coin. I use to think of volleyball playing courts filled with sand as a giant cat litter box or at least my cat did. Cat trerds or not there’s a good chance to find change or even a gold bracelet a man or woman has lost. Mr. Garrett provides numerous places to look for coins with your metal detector. Hiking trails, church parking lots, playgrounds, graveyards, gravel parking lots, drive in movie theaters, and many more locations. Many areas I never would hive considered. Even how and where to find coin caches like old barns, log cabins, etc. a very interesting read and very informative too. Well worth the $10.00 you’ll spend for this book.

James Henderson
Golden Delight Honey
Mint Hill, NC

David K.
Excellent service

First time trading with High Plains. Extraordinary customer service and super fast shipping. Will do business with in future. 110% satisfied.

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