Minelab Pro-Swing 45
Minelab Pro-Swing 45
Minelab Pro-Swing 45
Minelab Pro-Swing 45

Minelab Pro-Swing 45

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Product Information

Minelab Pro-Swing 45 Harness.
The PRO-SWING 45 harness has been designed for ultimate convenience and functionality and incorporates Minelab's innovative weight (W8) distribution system. W8 technology evenly distributes the detector’s weight, so that even after many hours of detecting you are unable to feel that any specific part of your body is carrying the detector’s weight.

Designed for ultimate convenience and functionality.

Minelab’s innovative W8 distribution system and specialist features allow you to spend more time in the field, detecting with ease.


  • 8 Adjustment Points
  • 8 Attachment Points
  • W8 Technology - The ergonomic harness design evenly distributes weight from your shoulders, via the J-strut, making your detecting swing lighter.
  • Left & Right Capability - The PRO-SWING 45 harness is designed to suit both left & right handed users.
  • Universal Fit - Suits Any Detector
  • Simple Bungie Adjustment - One handed operation to adjust detector distance in an instant. (Bungie included)
  • Quick Release R-clip - easily switch between detecting and digging at the flick of a clip. (R-clip included)
  • Padded Back Cushion - Ultimate comfort and improved ventilation from the extra wide strap and additional padding.


  • Belt width: approximately 2"
  • Belt loop width: approximately 3"
  • Universal S-cuff attachable to any detector - one size fits all.

W8 technology employs three biomechanical strategies to transfer the detector mass (weight) away from the operator’s arm:

  1. remove flexion and extension muscle strain,
  2. use solid skeletal structure to support loads,
  3. avoid soft tissue anchor points.

These effectively remove the need for the arm’s muscles to tense in a flexion extension position while swinging the detector, and therefore prevent the muscle fatigue and soreness that is commonly experienced with metal detecting.

W8 technology also allows the arm to freely medially rotate and abduct to swing the detector without the need to hold it up off the ground.

Most traditional bungy and harness systems are only effective at removing the load from the upper arm and forearm, leaving the shoulder to bear the weight of the detector. Other systems attempt to rectify this by using a strut to transfer the weight from the shoulder to the front of the hip in a concentrated point. However, this is a soft tissue area and incapable of supporting a load without discomfort. Additionally, since this area of the body is soft, the strut sinks into the hip and pulls down on the shoulder, thus becomes ineffective at releasing the strain in the shoulder.

W8 is the first technology that significantly reduces the load on the shoulder without transferring it to a soft tissue area. W8 technology achieves this by directing the load to the back of the hip, which is a solid anchor point for the strut. This ensures the shoulder is released from the majority of the strain, the only load left is to hold the top of the strut upright. This small remaining load is dissipated by the wide shoulder straps and back cushioning.

The result is a detecting harness that allows the operator to detect in comfort for longer, resulting in more finds and more enjoyment.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Clayton G.

    Used it twice so far. Prior to getting it I was getting a pain in my swinging shoulder within a half hour. I have gone out with it for 2 hours each time and had no pain at all. Really does work!

    Chad R.
    Well built.

    The product is well built. The J-strut takes a bit to get dialed in. Plan to spend a day in the field to get this rig adjusted before any big outings. The strut tends to separate in the middle if I twist too far left (I'm right handed), but I gave it some reinforcement at the joint with electrical tape and it helped cure the issue. I'm in the process of modifying it to hold a small backpack to manage extra gear. That is a mod I would like to see Minelab incorporate to boost the functionality of this platform. Overall a solid piece of equipment, but be patient getting it set up.

    McKenzie B.
    Great Service!

    Great Service! Really Fast on Receiving the Product! Love the way it fits and takes the load off of my worn out shoulders!

    David G.
    Pro Swing 45

    HPP is always great to deal with, prompt service and shipping. I'm retired and these days it just isn't comfortable to cinch a finds pouch, pinpointer, and digging tool belt down tight around my waist. This harness allow all the weight of these items to be supported by my shoulders. The harness works perfectly for my use and is very comfortable. I don't use it to support my detector, just the pouch, pinpointer, and digger. It's the Bomb!

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