Nokta Simplex Next Generation Waterproof DD Search Coil - 9.5"x 6" (SX24) 17000178
SX24 Search Coil Cover for 9.5" x 6"

Nokta Simplex Next Generation Waterproof DD Search Coil - 9.5"x 6" (SX24) 17000178

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Product Information

Nokta Simplex 9.5"x 6" SX24 Next Generation Waterproof DD Search Coil -  includes coil cover and mounting hardware. Part Number: 17000178

Quote from ScrapIron "This could be the most important coil you could have for the Next Generation Simplex. 70% of the time the smaller more persist coils are what we need. This search coils long and slender design allows for ample area coverage while you swinging back and forth. Its slender design gives it precision in those trashy areas. The 9.5 x 6 is waterproof and the coil also is lighter weight for all day detecting. Once you put this coin on your detector its hard to take it off!"

Compatible with the following detectors:

  • Nokta Makro Simplex Lite, Simplex BT, & Simplex Ultra
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cyril S.
A coin and jewelry hunters choice

I am mainly a coin and jewelry hunter. I hunt a lot of parks, schools and recreational areas. The large stock round coils are great for beaches and large open areas. I do a lot of hunting in and around park bushes, trees and play ground equipment. The SP24 9.5" x 5" coil is the perfect coil for the kind of hunting I do with my Simplex+. It works in the tight spots yet has enough coverage to work in some of the more open park and play areas. The smaller 6" coils are great for the super tight spots but way to small for any open area coverage. If you like coin and jewelry hunting take a hard look at the SP24 for your Simplex+.

james l.
Great Detector

It’s my first Detector. I picked this one because it has more advanced features for the price. It’s getting too easy to find coins!

Michael B.
Nokta Makro sp24 coil

This small coil is a powerhouse! Also a pleasure to swing. Really gets the targets in the iron,great separation and depth!

SP 24 Coil

Have not used it much,,but so far I like it. Seemed to to make the simplex a little more stable. Still getting use to the detector, tones different than my other detector . I do know, that once I get more hrs using it, I will be pulling out more coins that I have missed, like the 1898 IHP I dug yesterday. So a big thumbs up on the SP24 coil.

Jimmy R.

Best investment ive2 ever made.😄😄😄

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