NEL BIG for Garrett AT Max Series Metal Detectors Search Coil Nel
NEL BIG for Garrett AT Max Series Metal Detectors Search Coil Nel

NEL Big 15" x 17" DD Coil for Garrett AT Max Series Metal Detectors

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The NEL BIG coil is the deepest coil in the world for different metal detectors, which is confirmed by tests of independent experts in the various forums and searchers at metal detecting meetings! It is recommended to use as a coil for deep searching.

The coil is excellent for finding large targets as well as for small targets which are 1g and more at 25 cm depth.

Superior to standard coil in depth by 50% and in ground coverage of between 40%.

Recommended for use in open terrain.

Fully submersible, the body is filled with epoxy resin and additionally has a black protective coating that is used for the protection of marine boats, and it makes it possible to use the coil without a coil cover.

The NEL BIG coil copes excellently with high and medium soil salinity.

Recommended for professionals.

Coil Cover Included.

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Customer Reviews

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James H.
Nel Big 15”X17” search coil for Garrett AT max

I purchased my Nel Big search coil end of December 2022. I actually have not used it yet, however based on the reviews of being a very deep searching coil, I purchased it for searching abandoned home sites for finding 19th & 20th century coin caches. In the early 1900s American country folks didn’t trust banks, especially around the Great Depression. Just like those of us who do not trust the America and petroleum hating idiot president occupying OUR White House whose name is Bite Me. In the 1900s to WWII era, country folk saved their revenue from farm sales, and household income and saved their Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars, gold coins if they were lucky enough to have any, Indian Head Pennies, V Nickels, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Barber Half Dollars, Steel Pennies, Wheat Cents, Franklin Half Silver Dollars, Barber Silver Quarters, Liberty Nickels, Buffalo Nickels, Silver Certificates, and Gold Certificates. They packed their savings is some type of waterproof containers and buried each small cache somewhere on their farm in a place they could find it when they needed to purchase crop seed, food for their family, pay the blood sucker banks or IRS, etc.

Despite marking their cache locations in a place they could find again such as adjacent to their water well, an old pecan tree, in or behind the barn, behind their house all those caches where not alway relocated. While they may have located the cache a certain distance from their old pecan tree or adjacent to the water well, trees die and fall over, farmers forget, ponds dry up, and people die before telling their children where the coin caches were buried. The Nel Big 15”X 17” search coil searches deep enough to give the detectorest a good fighting chance of locating one of these valuable coin caches. Maybe even a Civil War chest of Confederate gold or silver coins or bars potentially worth thousands of dollars in todays money. Enough to up grade to a fancy metal detector or tell President Biden and the IRS to go Blank Themselves.

I know of one historic home at one of my honeybee apiaries in Union County, North Carolina that was built in 1904. With diligent weekly searching I may get lucky using my Nel Big and Nel Tornado search coils with my Garrett AT MAX metal detector to find a coin cache buried the early 1900s. My apiary landowner said an early 1900s gold mine was located behind the historical home. I’ve found a bunch of gold quartz ore, but no coin caches as of yet.

James Henderson, Mint Hill, North Carolina
Golden Delight Honey
Disabled Titanium Beekeeper
CarolinaNativeFlora at gmail . Com

Give me a call or text or email. Two metal detectors are better than one. Three are better than two. We will split the treasure and I’ll give you some of the best NC Piedmont Local Wildflower Honey you have ever tasted! Maybe even get you a real Buzz from my honeybees!!

Brian C.
Pretty good coil

It’s a little hard to get used to pin pointing but when you get a hang of it, it’s pretty easy. It definitely goes deep. Found a British KG VI 3 pence and a silver ring on my 1st hunt with it.

everardo l.
Great deal

Very pleased with customer service thanks

Stephen S.
Fast delivery

Great customer service

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