Motley Digging Tools Sand Scoop With Handle Rebel Red
Motley Digging Tools Sand Scoop With Handle
Motley Digging Tools Sand Scoop With Handle Chrome
Motley Tools Sand Scoop Blue Bastard Chrome
Motley Digging Tools Sand Scoop With Handle Gold Digger
Motley Tools Sand Scoop Blue Bastard Gold Digger
Motley Digging Tools Sand Scoop With Handle Blue Bastard
Motley Tools Sand Scoop Blue Bastard
Motley Tools Sand Scoop In Action at the Beach
Motley Tools Sand Scoop Blue Bastard used metal detecting at the beach
Motley Tools Sand Scoop Blue Bastard close up of pin connector
Motley Tools Sand Scoop Blue Bastard shaft opening
Motley Tools Sand Scoop Blue Bastard handle closeup
Motley Tools Sand Scoop Blue Bastard rear

Motley Beach Scoop with 46" Steel Handle - Multiple Colors Available - Grip Not Included

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Red Rebel

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Product Information

Unleash Your Beachcombing Potential!

Experience the power and versatility of the Motley Beach Scoop, a one-of-a-kind creation meticulously crafted by their team of expert engineers. This scoop is not your average beach accessory—it's a game-changer that will revolutionize your beachcombing experience.

Built to Last: Constructed from ultra-durable, two-millimeter-thick stainless steel, the Motley Beach Scoop surpasses the strength of carbon, wood, or glass fiber alternatives. This heavy-duty scoop is designed to withstand the toughest beach conditions, ensuring it stands the test of time.

Ergonomic Design: Say goodbye to uncomfortable handles and slippery grips. The Motley Beach Scoop features an ergonomically ideal height, providing optimal comfort and control. With ingenious hexagon notches strategically placed across the entire handle, you'll enjoy a secure grip without the need for extra tape or foam. Plus, these notches also allow sand and water to effortlessly drain away, making your beachcombing efforts even easier.

Versatile Performance: With the Motley Beach Scoop's innovative two-step path, you have the freedom to dig with precision or work with a bit more gusto, adapting to any situation that comes your way. Our high-quality welds ensure maximum durability, while the simple one-pin lock system allows for interchangeable handles and scoops. Mix and match colors to create your personalized beachcombing setup.

Don't settle for ordinary beach scoops when you can have the extraordinary Motley Beach Scoop. Unlock the full potential of your beachcombing adventures with a tool that is designed to exceed your expectations. Join the league of beach enthusiasts who have embraced this cutting-edge scoop and elevate your beachcombing game today!

Upgrade your beachcombing gear with the Motley Beach Scoop—your gateway to a world of exciting discoveries. Order now and get ready to uncover hidden treasures like never before!

  • Scoop Dimensions: 300mm-12 inch lenght / 200mm-8 inch width / 120mm-4.8 inch height
  • Handle opening inner diameter is 35-36 mm- 1.38 inch
  • Handle lenght is 1100 mm/ 44 inch and lasercut hexagon design
  • Total scoop has lasercut hexagon holes 2 different sizes 10 mm and 0.6 mm
  • Scoop Weight: 3.3 lbs – 1527 gram
  • Handle weight 2.9 lbs    1360 gram 
  • Made of 2mm high grade inox steel
  • Electropolished
  • Motley Powdercoating finish
  • All terrain scoop water & beach
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
frederic m.
Steel handle is too heavy

Hi Guys,
I love the scoop and look of the handle, but the two of them together are just too heavy. I adapted the scoop with a fiberglass handle and it is perfect! I would like to return the handle, if that is possible.

Steve B.
Love scoop, Hate handle

Cut my finger on the logo on the handle. I don’t like the feel of the holes, to many sharp edges. It’s fine now that I wrapped it in “Flex Tape”.
I love the smaller holes in the scoop. Earrings don’t fall through.

Gregg G.
A well built scoop for the money

I ordered this scoop out of curiosity. It appeared to be well constructed and the price was attractive. It is heavy, but that’s to be expected with a metal handle. I also expected the color to come off at the tip of the scoop, which it did. So far it’s proving to be durable and well worth the price.

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