Minelab Shaft, Lower GPX/Classic - Fiberglass

Minelab Shaft, Lower GPX/Classic - Fiberglass

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Product Information

The lower fiberglass pole is a replacement or backup part.
Minelab Eureka Gold
Minelab GPX 5000
Minelab GPX 4800
Minelab Sovereign GT
Minelab Eureka Ace Dual
Minelab GP extreme
Minelab GP 3000
Minelab GP 3500
Minelab GPX-4000
Minelab Musketeer
Minelab Musketeer Advantage
Minelab Musketeer Colt & XS Pro
Minelab Musketeer XS
Minelab SD 2000
Minelab SD 2100
Minelab SD 2100e
Minelab SD 2200d
Minelab GPX-4500
Minelab SD2100v2
Minelab SD2200v2
Minelab Sovereign
Minelab Sovereign Elite
Minelab Sovereign XS-2 & XS-2 Pro
Minelab Sovereign XS-2a Pro
Minelab Sovereign XS
The previous Minelab part number for this accessory was 8017-0005.




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