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Garrett GTI Environmental Rain, Dirt & Dust Cover-Up for GTI 2000/2500 - 1618200

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Product Information

  • Fits the Garrett GTI 2500. Gives you Protection from Rain, Mist, Swirling Dust, Dirt, Mud, Etc.
  • Easy on and off velcro fasteners.
  • Clear-view panels that allow you to see the meter and adjust the settings.
  • Gives you protection from rain, mist, swirling dust, dirt, mud, etc.
Your Looking at a Brand-New Garrett GTI 2000 / 2500 Series "ENVIROMENTAL COVER-UP".

Designed to fit on Garrett GTI 2000 / 2500 Metal Detectors. A Great way to protect your Investment. Simply fits over your detectors control housing.

Protects your detector from harmful Rain, Dirt, Dust Build-Up, and Scrape Marks which will prolong your detectors life. The front of the cover has a see-through clear plastic material so you can see and use your detectors push-button control pad.

Also protects the detectors push-buttons from getting soil build-up as a result of the user using dirty fingers to press the control pad button's. A must-have item for any serious GTI 2000/ 2500 owner.


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