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Get to the Gold Faster

Faster results means more gold in less time. The average person spends five to ten minutes panning one pan full of material. The Gold Claw pan takes less than one minute! Get your Gold Claw pan today and out-pan a pro!

Turn an ordinary hike into an adventure, create lifetime memories.

Simple and easy to use, anyone can catch gold with Gold Claw. No experience needed.

Made from Tritan material -- known for being virtually indestructible in the outdoor market!

We're glad to bring you into the Gold Claw family, we are proudly opening new doors to gold adventures. Gold Claw makes panning simpler, faster, and is super rugged.

What really sets Gold Claw apart is what it does for inexperienced panners. There are other fast pans but Gold Claw doesn't require experience, in fact, we are surprised that newcomers take to it so naturally, shaking side to side and tilting is intuitive. It's the experts that have to unlearn the swirling and dipping we all burned into our muscle memory. Now that a first-timer can successfully finish a full pan in under a minute, they are much more likely to catch gold fever. 

We are very proud of the Gold Claw products. Gold Claw is changing paradigms. The Production Pan can pan through a 5 gallon bucket in under a minute! If you want to make bank, you have to move a lot of dirt, and the Production pan easily does just that. 

The Original Gold Claw is fast, faster than an 18-inch conventional pan, it can pan through a 5-gallon bucket in under ten minutes, but it is so much smaller you don't get worn out by the weight of the material.

Made in the U.S.A!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Micah M.
Great nifty little pan with some drawbacks

Very neat beginner friendly pan for sure! After a couple weeks use I do have one complaint - without the side of the ridges closed some loss can be expected, and the same goes for the finer clean up side, the ridges don't start until the middle halfway so some am be lost around the sides. I still plan on buying a pocket pan just for cleaning up cons as the system works great. I'm gonna use some hot glue or silicone to fill the gaps I mentioned and make a safety ridge running to the manufactured ridges on the small side to prevent any losses on both sides. Also quite small compared to my large classic style pan. I've found it best to use when cleaning up black sands and concentrating, but it still performs well when used to test pan many areas

Michael K.
Time saver

I have a blue one and got the purple one for my son. We love the ease of use. Pan material quicker and catch more gold.

Very efficient shape

Works great

Stephen P.
Gold Claw Original Size.

Love to use it for quick testing of areas. Great build quality. Thanks!

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