Blue Bowl Prospecting Vortex Mat Insert
blue bowl gold prospecting machine mat insert to get more fine gold and separate black sands
Close up image of blue bowl gold prospecting machine mat insert shown getting gold
blue bowl mat insert inserted into blue bowl to more effectively remove black sands from fine gold
blue bowl gold prospecting bowl with prospectors dream mat insert
blue bowl gold prospecting bowl with prospectors dream mat insert

Blue Bowl Dream Vortex Mat Insert

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Product Information

Increase fine gold recovery.  This bowl mat allows for the centrifugal bowl cleaner to run at a higher speed, reducing process time. Adding almost 100x mini cyclone cells that mimic the bowls base function. These cells will collect the heavier fine gold and slough off the lighter black sands. The mat makes clean up quicker, more efficient, and more profitable.  A great way to upgrade a tried and true favorite gold clean up device.

  • Turbo Charge your old Bowl!
  • 4" I.D. x10.25" O.D
  • Colors may vary.

This mat is flying off the shelf like Frisbee's.
Colors may vary.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews

    A must have for the bowl

    Not recommended

    First I want to say High Plains is great! Quick shipping and have never had a problem with them. I have a dreamat sluice and it is great. But the bluebowl dreammat, not so much. My first attempt at fastening the dreammat I did it exactly like the video instructed. I let it dry about 12hrs and nope...the mat floated up on the sides. 2nd attempt I applied silicon in 8 spots vice 4 and let it dry for over a week, this worked. However, my problem with the dream mat is that even with my pump set at full blast it does not clean out all of the black sands. Using a larger pump seems like you would only have water coming over the top of bluebowl. On full blast mine does this slightly as it is. That never happened prior to using the dreammat. I could adjust it perfectly like the bluebowl instructions suggest. Additionally, I can't get a perfectly smooth waterflow like I could without the dreammat. Knowing what I know now, I would recommend you save your money. Instead invest in screens such as 50, 70, and 100 mesh and run your sands individually as such. Do not simply screen down to 30 mesh and run them without further screening because you will lose your micro sub 70mesh gold. That is, unless you don't care about losing your micro gold. But you will be surprised how much sub 70 and 100 mesh gold you can recover when your cons are properly screened down and ran thru the bluebowl just as it comes.

    Gene W.
    Mat insert

    Works like described. Very fast delivery.

    Keith V.

    Blue Bowl Dream Vortex Mat Insert

    Easy upgraded in seconds.

    Catch everything you miss, it fits perfectly.. watch the video on install. Use silicone to attach.

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