14" Anit-Interference

Coiltek 14" Anti-Interference (350mm) For Minelab SD / GP / GPX series detectors

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Product Information

The 14” (350mm) coil is one of the best all-round performing products Coiltek has produced. With a combined advantage of excellent depth and sensitivity it has outstanding performance ability in the majority of goldfields around the world. Being an extremely robust coil it has the capability of lasting many seasons in the field which will make this coil a primary choice when prospecting.

Suited to the more open field where little or no overgrowth will hinder the swing it will provide an excellent coverage area to ensure a comfortable action. For a mid sized coil it is light and has good maneuverability ability and because it is not of the open web design it can help when there is long grass or sticks which need to be moved out of the way or pressed closer to the ground.

The coil can be used either just off the ground or scraping the ground when swinging. It has minimal touch sensitivity and has good ability to pinpoint making target retrieval quick and accurate.

ANTI-INTERFERENCE(AI) operation hints & tips

The AI coil is the best solution for those high interference areas when detecting. When experiencing excessive noise from power lines, phone towers or general atmospheric noise, this coil will run quiet and smooth by cancelling out the interference. This ability opens up new detecting areas and potentially new patches. When swinging this coil, a quarter coil overlap is necessary to cover the ground efficiently and by swinging slowly and close to the ground small targets are easily distinguished from the threshold. The main pinpointing area of this coil is approximately 1 inch in from the front edge and down the centre of the coil and will give a strong signal when close to the surface. This coils’ ability is best seen firsthand so if you get a chance to try an AI coil you will notice that its performance is very compared to the DD coil of similar size. These are also used on the SALT LAKES of Australia with outstanding results!


Excellent overall performance

Easily handled in open ground

Reasonable pinpointing ability

Good depth capability and sensitivity

Good ground coverage

Very robust design

Applicable metal detectors

Minelab SD series

Minelab GP series

Minelab GPX serie

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