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My first stop for equipment.

Great Machine! Great Price! Fast Shipping! Great Company to deal with.

I have had my CTX3030 for several years and I learned more out of the CTX3030 gold hunters guide than anything I have searched on the internet and asked questions but still had issues trying to understand what the CTX was telling me. I am hoping on my next search will find more than tabs and nails.
thanks for the informative book.

Mine lab classifier

Works great!

New adventure

Everything came as expected looking forward to using the equipment

Garrett Pro Pointer AT

I was somewhat pleased with the Garrett pro 400

In my quickness of my order I thought GP Pinpointer meant Garrett pro Pinpointer. But it was not it was a very cheaper version. I was looking forward to the Garrett pro Pinpointer for that it is submersible and has multiple functions. But instead I received a cheaper version that is not as accurate nor is it submersible. this was displeasing in your miss advertisement. And the quality of your corporation I was in hope you could send me the Garrett Pro Pinpointer. I will work with you on the difference if need be. if you could work with me through email. Thank you take care. SAl

Garrett Ace 400 55-Year Anniversary Special, Pro Pointer AT Bundle
Metal detector!

It was a Christmas present for my boyfriend! We haven’t had a chance to try it out yet because if the weather but we will in the spring! Thanks for the speedy service!

Garrett AT Pro Water Proof Metal Detector Trailblazer Bundle


I am pleasantly surprised at how good this ORX is, I've been using a Garrett AT Max for over a year prior to purchasing the ORX with the HF coil. I've hunted fields that I and others have pounded and made some great finds we missed. Super light weight, was an absolute pleasure to swing, not to mention very user friendly. Thank you High Plains for the great service, will definitely be doing more business with y'all in the near future. PS, the MI-6 pin pointer is amazing as well!

The bundle was great, nice package

I was testing it along with my buddies new Equinox, not to much of a difference. Too cold for me to be out testing it now. March 2021 I'll have an answer for you

Nokta Makro Simplex Plus WHP Fall Promo (with Wireless Headphones) and FREE PulseDive Pin-Pointer


Fast shipping and great product

It works, don't put it together tightly, it's a bear to get apart at times.

Got just what I ordered and needed! Thanks!

Hard Case

This thing is great for travel. Not bad for the price. $110.00. I recommend this item from this seller. Great over all experience and shipping. Cant complain. The hard case has great space to carry your goodies. Feels great in the hand carrying.

Great customer service

Very helpful, very friendly, very quick to send an item forgotten in the first shipment. Even up graded the pick to say that they were sorry for their error. Would certainly recommend this business.

First 2 Days finds

I took my new Garrett Apex out with the new 5"x8" coil. The first day I found 3 silver dimes. The second day, with permission of our local library, established in the 1800's as a bank, I searched the grounds. I was pleased to dig up, about 4" deep, a shield of some kind. After cleaning I identified it as a WWII German Nazi Military, marksmanship badge. How it got there no one knows. It looked like it had been in the ground since WWII. Great detector and a great coil. Thanks for your great service and help. Jimmy Rhinehart


This was a perfect gift. First I've owned so still learning but works great. Grandkids love searching for treasures with me.

Best kids detector out there

I got this detector for my children for Christmas we are very experienced metal detectorist and our children already had a older bounty hunter kids modle WOW is this thing amazing. Easy to use, it has a real discrimination to help eliminate trash. Water proof to 3 ft for beach and rain assurance and its DEEP on its full power this will easily go 6-7 inches on a dime my kids love it and the old bounty hunter is collecting dust.

nox 800

since i've been detecting for over 45 years i have had a lot of detectors. but my learning curve with this unit has been very minimal . its very easy to use. and i am very pleased i bought the equinox 800. my only dislike is that it only carries a 12 hour charge, so i plan on buying the power-nox back up battery pack.

Great product an Great people

Used the sifters at the Crater of Diamonds.
They worked Great. I didnt find a Diamond. But the guy across from me found one thst day. And I brought a bucket of sifted soil home. Everyone at High plains prospectors are great to talk to and very helpfull. The owner sold me his used metal detector and I have found several small Gold nuggets with it. These are people thst seem to use what they sell. They will help you if you have questions.

Fisher F22 for entry level

Purchased the Fisher F22 for my 9 year old son. I was looking for an entry level unit that was cost effective but would actually work. I looked at quite a few sellers and decided on High Plains Prospectors. Needed it before Christmas and I think I received it in 3 days. Their Reviews were good. There online rep was extremely helpful, and great prices. Anything else I need I’ll order from them. As far as the unit goes , It’s winter here in Cleveland but we did get out a couple of times. Found some coins, and miscellaneous metal objects. Pretty easy to use, Not too much of a learning curve. Very happy so far. Looking forward to spring!

Garrett 300 works great

Garrett 300 works really great I've been very satisfied with the purchase Its very easy to control.features and to control the whole machine .Very confortable while using it it just a great machine overall I would recommend this to all friends and family thank you

Garrett AT Max Bundle

Excellent detector! I'm new to the detecting world (this being my first metal detector) and I have already had a great experience. I was able to locate items quickly. I'm still getting use to all of the settings, but it didn't stop me from finding some treasures!