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Based on 3291 reviews
Bought several products from this company

Really surprise how fast you get your stuff in the mail and never had a problem good company.

Great product at a competitive price

Perfect classifier for my application. High quality, competitive price and arrived quickly. Highly recommend.

First time user

This thing is easy to put together and so easy to use. I recommend to go on YouTube and watch a video on how to use it. So simple!

Seed removal

My wife has a problem with small seeds in her diet. One of her favorite granola products is loaded with seeds and this is perfect for removing them. And the birds enjoy them.

Weighing Boats
David F.
Perfect for my need.

The little weighing boats are perfect for what I need.

Bought the Ace 400 and the equinox 800 very nice company to work with. I was on the impression the 800 came with a small shovle tho? I guess now lol.

Ghost Towns

I haven't read it yet.

I had a cheap detector before and this equinox 800 is 100% better then my old one and i love it.

A Must Have

If you do a lot of gold hunting, you will appreciate what this magnet can do for you dealing with the black sand. It saves you a lot of time from trying to separate the sand any other way. Unless you have a machine that separates the sand for you.

You'll be glad you have one of these on hand.

Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector Bundle with DD Waterproof Search Coil Trailblazer Bundle

Unexpectedly Fast Service for Viper coil for my AT Max

Besides being very knowledgeable in their craft, this company shows they really care about customer service by under promising and over delivering, all at a very fair and competitive price. Who ever experiences that anymore???? Thank you for all you do for us.

Garrett Pro Pointer AT

As described!

As described and delivered on time!

Great place to shop

Fast shipping, great products, fair prices. I strongly suggest buying from High Plains.

Very pleased.

Thank you. Quick shipment and exactly what I ordered.

I’m very please with my new Minelab 800, it’s much simpler to use than some would have you believe, it’s middle of winter here in Oklahoma so I have only used it a couple of times and have only found a few items, mainly wheat pennies and a silver mercury dime. When it warms up, I’ll be hard at it, it’s an astonishing machine!

It is my favorite.

I have 3 Garrett tee shirts, and this one is my favorite. It gets the most comments from people.

XP Batea Gold Pan Kit


Well, I just ordered this coil and haven't used it yet. But according to someone I watch metal detecting on You-Tube, this coil works, and has found silver coins 14 to 15 inches deep. I guess we will know for sure soon. If I'm making a mistake, I come back and let every know, lets say by 2-5-2022

Nice product.

Fit and finish is good. Reduces weight by 4 oz. which may or may not be significant. Haven't been out to try with this pole as winter set in. Not sure why the one with some color is more other than marketing/profit. I'm fine with black as that is what the 800 came with.

Gold vials with storage case

Great product. Keeps my vials together and protects them from breaking. Also can be used to store aa batteries

High Quality and Sturdy