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Great battery option

These are way ahead on the standard AA setup, lighter, longer lasting and simpler to charge and live with. Much better than I had hoped. And top marks to High Plains Prospectors for the great service and efforts to get these to me, appreciated guys.

Great product. Fast Shipping.

These Riker mounts are the new type with a clip closure instead of pins. I like them much better. High Plains shipped quickly and provided tracking information. They arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. They even included a coupon for my next order. A very smooth transaction.

Great Sand Scoop

Would be 5 stars if not for the cheap rubber handles that fall off within minutes of first use. (Fix overnight with gorilla glue)

Best metal detector for the money

This is the best metal detector I've bought so far. It really easy to set up and use.

Trommel is great, shipping not so much

I ordered the trommel and it was sent out quick, when it was delivered, the box was damaged and had been dropped really hard at some point denting the corner of the hopper. But as excited as I was to use the trommel I couldn't stand the thought of sending it back and waiting for another. Everything works great despite the cosmetic damage, amazing product, it really does save a bunch of time since you don't have to really classify but for 750 bucks I think it could be packaged a little more secure.


I did get to the Oregon coast to use the scoop. The wood handle was easy to find and assemble. Sturdy enough. Had to get used to carrying the scoop end away from the coil to prevent falsing.

Haven’t used yet!

Looking forward to using


It's a nice, lightweight, tough bag.

Well done

Like the overlays, they are a helpful option.


More control on what comes out of the gold cube. This helps the water pump.

Sampson shovel

Super strong. Love it.

10x36 Combo Dream Mat

I absolutely love it. I use it every single time that I go out now, and before this, I was catching very little and I mean VERY little. This mat catches everything, in my A-51 Sluice Box. I honestly can not believe how well it works. I live in Colorado, and we have very small flour gold and flakes, but I was only catchin fly 💩 before this mat. My only issue with it, was it was slightly too large for my box and I had to shave it quite a bit, so it would fit (definitely much better than being too small!). In that process, it is very hard to get exactly straight and I now have spots that are slightly open on the sides for tiny materials to get under the mat. That has honestly not hurt me at all though. It is just annoying, and I am kicking myself for not doing a better job.
I recommend this to everyone, professional, beginner or even just prospecting different areas. The amount of cons are unbelievable. After running 3 to 5- 5 gallon buckets through the sluice, I only have about 2 cups of heavy cons and I can do my cleanup right there in the creek and not have to wait till it’s convenient at home.
Whoever made this design, is an absolute genius!!!
I was close to the point of giving up on the metro Denver area, but this has changed that and it only took one trip, to do so. I’ve used it now, about 5 or 6 times and each time, I have found more than I ever had, in any other setup.
Thank You!!!
The adventure sluice is perfect for doing quick sampling in new areas and for cleanups at home. It just came in this past Friday and worked amazingly on Saturday!
Keep up the amazing innovations!!!
I can’t wait to see what the future holds!!!

Gold Kruzer

So far it's a nice machine. The first hunt with the gold Kruzer was a good time. Dug up some great treasures .

24" Quicksilver Sand Scoop - Great Product!

I have found that the 24" Quicksilver Sand Scoop is ideal for easy mobility and use when searching for jewelry and coins in different beach sand conditions. The construction of the scoop is very sturdy and the price was outstanding!


Great Pick!

Great well made pick.

GP Pinpointer

GP pinpointer is very simple to use. Will pinpoint up too about 1 inch or so , that is what I like . If it signals I know the object is right there ( very small objects, rusted flakes of metal). The more expensive ones will detect 2-3 inches , leaving a guessing game of where its at , thats what my metal detector is for, if the GP does not pick it up then I know to dig deeper with the bigger digging tool , not the little hand digger, clumps , just break them up .

Minelab lower rod - not fancy but it works.

I added a stock Minelab lower rod to each of my coils so that I could swap coils easily without monkeying with the coil nut & bolt. This is the same lower that Minelab installs on the Equinox at the factory, so the fit was perfect. I can now swap coils in less time than it takes to noise cancel and ground balance, and I'll never need to search for dropped hardware again.

Looks good and adds abrasion resistance

I added the SnakeSkinz Cable Sleeves to each of my coils, primarily because they look good, and can be ordered in my choice of color patterns. In reality, the abrasion resistance that these covers add is what makes them worth the cost. They are super-easy to install, and do not add any significant swing weight.

Works great

Had to replace safe battery holder

Nice te

Very nice teshirt fits well would recommend this

Great setup

I use the combo mat though. Need 10 inch clamp for it. If u wanna do the same.

My little red Devil

The perfect shovel, strong and light

Great Service

Took a little while to get my tracking number to show me where it was but over all a great experience.

Fantastic products and fantastic service

I was in the market for a Garret AT Pro bundle package and found one here that came with a pin pointer, a digging tool, a finds bag and a carry bag. I upgraded to the Garret AT Pro Pointer with the ease of a quick phone call after placing the order online. Josh was polite, personable and responsive and everything went according to plan and it was shipped and arrived within a few days.

Great product and top notch service. I enjoy working with business other than Amazon for that personal touch!

Thanks! Happy hunting!