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The Gold Prospectors Association of America - We recommend you join the GPAA and are members ourselves. The GPAA is the foremost gold prospectors resource. Not only do they provide members access to hundreds of active gold claims throughout North America, they also provide information on "how to" to those interested in getting into the hobby. The member's forum is extremely useful and fun to get involved with. The GPAA is also THE voice on land rights for miners as well and the rest of America. Visit for more information. Review some of these metal detector articles and treasure hunting information below. 

Free Topo Maps:  -Here you can download free standard topographical maps or build your own map.  You can also purchase hard copies at a nominal fee. These maps are from the U.S. Geological Society.

Treasure Net - "The Original Treasure Hunting Website."  A useful form where metal detectorists get together and share information on coins, relics, jewelry, gold and other treasure.

Metal Detect My State Website - "Do you have questions about the hobby of metal detecting? Don’t know where to turn? I remember when I was new to the hobby how difficult it was to find the answers to my questions. If only there was a website dedicated to metal detecting where I could get information about the area I lived in. Metal Detect My State is just that website. You will find a page for your state listing metal detecting clubs, dealers or stores, rules and regulations and maybe even some ideas on where to hunt and how to get permission. Metal Detect My State is a new site that has just recently been set up to answer the questions for people new to the hobby and also to be a place to follow the laws, rules and regulations that limit our hobby. If you would like to help with this undertaking please feel free to contact me. There have been national organizations that have tried to keep the members of the hobby informed and they have all failed due to the scope of the task and lack of communication. I am not calling Metal Detect My State a “National Organization” but I hope to bring the members of our hobby together to assist each other and to keep our hobby from being regulated out of existence." - Don at


U.S.D.A & U.S. Forest Service Regulations on Metal Detecting:

Remember Metal Detecting and Artifact Hunting Restrictions on National Forest

Release Date: May 24, 2012 - The multiple use mission of the U.S. Forest Service recognizes the value of heritage and cultural resources. As a result, there are restrictions on metal detecting and artifact hunting on National Forest Lands. With the snow-free season upon us, Hiawatha National Forest officials remind you to know the rules before you consider engaging on these activities within the Hiawatha.

“The historic artifacts located on public lands belong to everyone,” says Forest Supervisor Jo Reyer. “That’s why there are federal laws designed to protect historical resources on public lands.”

In keeping with those laws, the Hiawatha National Forest has rules limiting certain activities related to relic hunting. When it comes to metal detecting and artifact hunting, the rules can vary in specific parts of the Forest. For instance, on Grand Island National Recreation Area, metal detectors are not allowed.

In other areas of the Hiawatha National Forest, possession of a metal detector is allowed, but in order to protect historical resources, there are legal restrictions on activities related to the use metal detectors on public lands. Specifically, the Code of Federal Regulations, (36 CFR 261.9) states, "The following are prohibited: (g) Digging in, excavating, disturbing, injuring, destroying, or in any way damaging any prehistoric, historic, or archaeological resources, structure, site, artifact, or property. (h) Removing any prehistoric, historic, or archaeological resources, structure, site, artifact, property."

The Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA, 16 U.S.C. 470cc:) also prohibits these activities, stating, "No person may excavate, remove, damage, or otherwise alter or deface or attempt to excavate, remove, damage or otherwise alter or deface any archaeological resources located on public lands or Indian lands unless such activity is pursuant to a permit...”

“So, in a nutshell, you can operate a metal detector in most areas, but you may not dig up, remove, or disturb any prehistoric, historic, or archaeological resources,” explains Forest Archaeologist, John Franzen.

These laws apply to all National Forest System land and do not vary from state to state. If you have questions, please contact the Forest Service at 906-428-5800.



Metal Detecting Forums

Bounty Hunter Find Mall Forum
Bounty Hunter Treasure Depot Forum

Bounty Hunter Forum on Treasure Net


Metal Detecting: Blogs, Forums and Other Resources


 Gold Prospecting: Blogs, Forums and Other Resources

Geology Gold Info.- Explore the many uses of gold.  This article has lots of great graphics and info to reference.

Modern and Ancient Gold Spot Prices -  Closing Annual Historical Gold Prices For Over 200 Years Since 1792.


Treasure Hunting Relics and Coins: Blogs, Forums and Other Resources

Midwest Coin & Relic Hunting - Good

American Digger MagazineUseful articles and  pictures that will serve as a resource for any relic hunter.  Loaded with pictures and articles about metal detector finds, treasure hunts, and gold prospecting.  Learn what relics are and where to find them.  Also loades with a lot of new product ads and ideas.  Good read!

Gold Purity & Percentages

Pure gold is 24 karat and 12 karat gold is 50% gold. Below is a chart showing karats and purity:
24K - 100% gold
18K - 75% gold
14K - 59% gold
12K - 50% gold
10K - 42% gold

Gold's Color Can Help Determine It's Purity

Wikipedia Gold Scale

* Image By Wikipedia

A Karat is a measure of purity of a gold alloy. An alloy is a solid metalic solution made up of two or more elements. For example, there is no such thing as 24K white gold...white gold is not pure. White gold used in jewelry is typically a mixture of gold and another alloy such as silver, palladium, or nickel (or a combination). The whiter it is, the more alloy is used. Rose gold on the other hand, which is often seen on the windows of office buildings, (and sometimes jewelry) would contain more copper alloy to achieve the beautiful rosy color. Below is a good visual example obtained from Wikipedia.


Metal Detector Articles & Treasure Hunting Information

Gold Cures Cancer! - Cancer Therapy Without Side Effects Nearing Trials

By Jennifer Laloup 04.13.08, from


A promising new cancer treatment that may one day replace radiation and chemotherapy is edging closer to human trials. Kanzius RF therapy attaches microscopic nanoparticles to cancer cells and then "cooks" tumors inside the body with harmless radio waves. (Click here to read entire article).

Trash or Treasure? Digging up History

By Stephen Steigman & Steve Kraske, 89.3FM,, April 15, 2012

You may encounter them looking down, listening to their headphones. No, they're not listening to an iPod...they're attuned to their metal detectors, attempting to find buried treasure. More than just scavengers at the beach or the median of your street, metal detector users are looking for artifacts: and sometimes they're valuable...(Click Here for Article & Audo Recording)

Gold Helps With Hip Displaysia in Dogs Through Accupuncture Procedure - ScienceDaily (June 26, 2009)— Many animals and people experience chronic joint pain. In dogs, a common source of joint pain is hip dysplasia, a developmental defect of the hip joint. Implantation of gold into the soft tissues around the hip joints of dogs with dysplasia can relieve pain and lessen stiffness for several years.(Click Here to Read Entire Article)

Urban Gold Prospector Finds Gold on Manhattan Streets! - We have seen Tom Massie find gold in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles, inside the City Limits of Charlotte, North Carolina, but Raffi Stepanian has found a new place to find gold and gems right in the heart of bustling New York.... (Click here to see the video).

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