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Retire to Treasure Hunting - Turning One Man's Trash Into Treasure

Retire to Treasure Hunting - Turning One Man's Trash Into Treasure

I’ve heard the saying, “Don’t retire from something, retire to something,” with regards to leaving to workforce.  In this business I get to meet a wide age range of people interested in finding treasure.  A good share of those people are at or near retirement age.  This got me thinking.  What better thing to retire to than treasure hunting?

Think about it.  Metal detecting is not only a great way to get a low impact exercise it is a also an activity that can be lucrative – a win-win in my book.  With metal detecting you are constantly bending over or kneeling to recover a find.  The exercise is much like doing lunges in the gym.  I can personally tell you this is a great lower body workout. Prospecting for gold is the same.  You hike to get to your spot.  Then, you must dig.  What a great way to get exercise and have a chance to strike it rich.  Seems like a lot better plan than sitting in front of a slot machine to me!

Don’t think the odds are in your favor?  You are wrong.  You can ALWAYS make money metal detecting.  Always.  Gold prospecting is not always so fruitful.  Metal detecting however is.  When you dig up “trash,” the rule of thumb is ALWAYS PACK OUT YOUR TRASH.  Meaning if you dig up an aluminum can, you should put it in a bag or toss it in the back of your truck. Then you can take it home and put it in a bin with other like items (i.e. brass in one bin, copper in another, lead, and so on).  At the end of the month (or year depending on how often you go out) you can take these finds into a scrap metal recycler and get cold hard cash for it.  We have done this for many years. 

Worst case scenario you are certainly going to dig up some lost change.  Some of it may only be worth the face value but some of it may be worth much more.  For instance, if you dig up a shiny coin minted before 1964 it is likely going to be silver and if you are lucky enough to find something from the 1800’s it could possibly be gold and worth a lot of money.

Check out this video of us doing it:

Are you going to get rich?  At least there is a chance and if you approach it like, “Hey, if I find something valuable, great.  If not, at least I am constantly digging up money,” then you won’t be disappointed digging up that pull tab!

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  • Josh Turpin