Gold Pup Highbanker 6"x26" w/1100 GPH Pump
Gold Pup Highbanker 6"x26" w/1100 GPH Pump
Gold Pup Highbanker 6"x26" w/1100 GPH Pump
Gold Pup Highbanker 6"x26" w/1100 GPH Pump

Gold Pup Highbanker 6"x26" w/1100 GPH Pump

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Product Information

The Gold Pup Mini Highbanker is a two stage highbanker with a hefty motor to keep the water flowing.  Made in the USA, this highbanker has all you need to catch the gold.

The unit comes with 12volt 1100-gph pump and a 4ft Recirculating hose. It has adjustable legs for easy slope control and a built in spay bar, down below is ribbed miner's carpet to catch fine gold and hinged Hungarian riffles.  These are made to fit in a plastic tubs. All you need is the tub,12V-lawn mower battery and a small pail to catch the waste rock.  You can use the Gold Pup Highbanker in the desert or on your favorite stream or even your home garage.

The Gold Pup Highbanker will help get the gold much faster than panning or drywashing. The sluice and hopper make 47" of classifying area.  The hinged riffles and cage are aluminum , making it easier to use a magnet to remove the black sand build up.  Hinged riffles make for easy cleanup. This mini high banker has a 12volt 1100-gph pump for plenty of water volume.  The sluice and hopper is a strong .080 gauge 5052 aircraft aluminum.

Tub not included.

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Customer Reviews

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John S.
Don't just look at the stars.

The high banker took some editing. 1) change the hopper mesh 2) disable the header and bend it up for a boiling point with 2 jets pushing into the old one 3) Put Dream Mat in it that I had to cut the mat its a 6.5 not 6 inch 4) After that it runs great and now does not back up and force material to ride over build up and out the back. For the price of 265 its not bad but you will end up doing some of these changes.

Christopher D.

I thought i was buying a 6 inch highbanker ended up being 6.5 was not what i was looking for the size being mentioned should be what people are selling

Ronnie C.
Gold pup mini highbanker

Wouldn't recommend,comes with cheap carpet, and water pours out the back instead down the sluice, causing the riffles to pack and the gold flows out the end. Fortunately panned the small bucket I put at the end of the sluice or I would have tossed a good amount of gold. Didn't plan on having to fabricate something to keep the water from blowing out the back.But I guess I have no choice!

Justin C.
Great sluice

Perfect. First season prospecting and found this thing was a game changer

Jonny H.
Happy so far

Took the Highbanker out of the box and no damage. Decided to try it out on the back porch. Was losing lots of water past the rear screen. We will use this where there is no water so fixing this problem was imperative. Installed a PWM motor control on the battery. Was able to slow the pump down and this helped some. Ended up putting some 1/2 inch aluminum, deflectors to stop the overflow. Ran a bucket of sand with some #9 shot in it to see if I could catch them. (Didn’t have any concentrates) was able to catch 9 out of 12 BB’s . Took the machine to a GPAA claim and ran several buckets of material. Did find a few colors. Think I was digging in the wrong place. So far, we really like the Gold Pup Highbanker. It is light, portable and seems to work as designed. I did add some miners moss but I’m not convinced that it is the way to go. We ( my wife and I ) plan to visit several claims as the weather cools down and use it more. I’m happy with my purchase.

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