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XP Deus II Field Review - It Does Not Disappoint!

XP Deus II Field Review - It Does Not Disappoint!

Our own Scrap Iron has been ranting and raving about how well the new XP Deus II metal detector is doing out in the field.  He has been hunting extremely old Native American sites and finding all sorts of cool finds at extreme depths.  However, we don't expect you to take the word of someone who sells these metal detectors.  Instead take the word of one of our regular customers.  He was one of the first recipients of the XP Deus II Metal Detector.


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Terry G. from Kansas City shares his finds with us.  Terry says:

"Hey Travis here are pictures of my first 6hr hunt with the Deus 2 on a hunted out civil war site here in Columbia, Tn. The site we were hunting was about three acres. I had stopped finding anything with the Equinox 800 & XP ORX. I had hunted several times with the At Max and Minelab E-Trac. I was using a modified General mode program and modified Relic program on the Deus 2. Just about all signals were very soft and deep, some were iffy. Top to right bullets, Enfield, 2 three ringers, one Williams Regulation and the rest Sharps. Part of a North Carolina Confederate spur I think. 4 buttons and a old barrel tap. Not a bad day."

Clearly those with tons of experience of using other metal detectors are very happy with the new Deus II.

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  • Joshua Turpin