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Why Every Serious Metal Detectorist Needs Two or More Metal Detectors

Why Every Serious Metal Detectorist Needs Two or More Metal Detectors

I was speaking to a customer the other day and he brought up an interesting topic.  He was new at detecting and mentioned that he had seen several posts on forums where people who were avid metal detectorists had mentioned several different metal detectors in their arsenal.  He was confused why some people have multiple metal detectors.

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Whereas it is not necessary to have more than one detector (after all they all pretty much do they same thing,) it is not a bad idea to have an extra on hand.  More often than not having more than one detector is a result of a person upgrading from a lesser metal detector to a more advanced one.  Perhaps they outgrew their original detector or simply want to try out new technology.

Upgrading to a new metal detector, there are other very good reasons why it is a good idea to have another metal detector lying around.  Probably the best reason is the last one listed below and GREAT advice for every detectorist.

3 Reason Why It Is a Good Idea To Have an Extra Metal Detector

  1. Gain a Hunting Buddy - Having an extra metal detector is a great way to introduce someone who is interested in the hobby.  Friends, family, and such may not be as willing to outlay the cash to buy a detector until they have been exposed to the sport.  However, once they have experienced the exhilaration of digging up treasure, you may be able to create a hunting buddy for life.
  2. Don't Miss Out on a Hunt - People who take the sport seriously know that nothing can ruin a hunt better than having a metal detector crap out on them right before or during the hunt of a prized location.  So, by having a back up metal detector, they can rest assured they will have their main tool in salvaging treasure and history.
  3. Gaining Permission - The best reason I have ever heard to have an extra metal detector handy is to help gain permission to metal detect a property.  Some people are skeptical of letting someone else on their property.  Perhaps they do not understand the hobby and how we try to be stewards of the land.  They may think you are going to dig massive holes and destroy their property.  Or, perhaps, they think you may be secretive about what you find and carry off all of their unbeknownst treasure lying under their feet.  Either way, taking them along (or at least offering to) is a great way to help gain access to a property.  It shows them you have nothing to hide and are happy to share what you find.

We have customers that we have sold multiple different metal detectors to over the years.  Whatever your reason for having an extra detector on hand, we would love to help you decide which metal detector you should purchase next!


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