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The New Garrett Axiom Gold Prospecting Metal Detector and What You Need to Know!

The New Garrett Axiom Gold Prospecting Metal Detector and What You Need to Know!

Garrett Metal Detectors has just announced its newest addition to their fabulous line of metal detectors.  The company has doubled down on its metal detector offerings to those who are looking to get out into the fields and search for gold.

The company has, with the release of its two newest detectors, recommitted to the cold prospecting community.  The company, which acquired Whites Metal Detectors, recently released the Garrett/White's Goldmaster 24K.  

The Goldmaster had long been one of White's best selling metal detector and it was known for being a proven gold getter.  While this detector is priced more in line with the other top selling, U.S. made metal detector, the Fisher Gold Bug II, or the world-renowned Minelab Gold Monster 1000, there are some people out there that need a little more out of their metal detectors.  Especially those who take the job of gold prospecting very seriously and are happy to pay up to get the next-level technology to find the gold missed by others.

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Introducing the Garrett Axiom metal detector.  This metal detector was undoubtedly produced to compete with the high-end metal detectors offered by other manufacturers.  Detectors such as the GPX 6000, offered by Minelab feature similar technology but have a price tag ($5,999) that would require a lot more gold recovery to pay for the new Garrett Axiom metal detector which will be priced at $3,995.

Features and Benefits of the Garrett Axiom Metal Detector

Tech Specs

The Axiom metal detector feature pulse induction technology. For some applications, PI technology is superior to the typical Very Low Frequency (VLF) technology in that it can operate in highly mineralized ground much better. This technology helps the detector eliminate unwanted signals allowing you to hear even small deep targets clearly through Mineralized Ground. Pulse Induction metal detectors are the type of metal detector you can use to find higher concentrations of small gold particles prior to mining a location.

Garret says about its Ultra-Pulse technology:

"Advanced pulse timings provide enhanced sensitivity and complete versatility in the most extreme mineralized soils and in saltwater. Choose from four settings, each ideally engineered for finding all types of gold, from larger nuggets to sub-gram pickers."

Another new technology the detector features is Frequency Scan, this allows the metal detector to scan for, and cancel, electromagnetic interference quickly and easily.  

Through the Axiom's Terra-Scan ground balance system, its advanced system provides independent dual-channel ground balance that covers the full range of mineralization, from heavily mineralized magnetic ground to saltwater, and everything in between.

The control housing has built in Z-Lynk wireless technology so you can link and hear both your Axiom detector and the Garrett Pro Pointer AT with Z-Lynk simultaneously through the headphones.

Weighing in at only 4.2lbs, the Axiom, with the 11" mono coil, is one of the lightest weight and well balanced gold prospecting metal detectors of it's caliber.

The Axiom metal detector has a lot of other convenient features such as Iron Check, which allows you to audibly identify iron targets when using a DD search coil.  In addition to this it has a backlit screen, volume control, and tone control.  The two different types of audio output which allows you to use a more sharper more complex audio and (PWM), which more advanced users may prefer, and the VCO audio which has smoother, less distorted audio that most people are familiar with.

axom metal detector tech specs

Rechargeable Battery + Battery Pack

Rechargeable batteries were new to Garrett with their Garrett Apex Multi Frequency metal detector.  Now it seems to be the course.  With about 16 hours on a full charge, Axiom’s built-in, high-capacity Lithium Ion battery provides twice the battery life offered by most prospecting detectors.  For those of you who like to detect in 22 hour increments (or you just like to be prepared when out in the field) the Axiom metal detector also comes with a booster pack that holds 8 AA batteries, either standard or rechargeable. Use this pack to get another 6 hours of battery life in remote areas.  The battery pack can be used to extend operation time or to simply charge your detector.

Straight Telescopic Shaft Design

The Garrett Axiom metal detector is designed a lot different than most of their metal detectors.  Whereas all of Garrett's other metal detector's feature their standard "S" shaft designed, the new Axiom features a sleek, straight shaft design that looks and feels a lot like the Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector.  The control housing sits upon a lightweight (and pretty bad ass looking) carbon fiber shaft that telescopes up into a compact 25".  This makes the detector ideal for packing up and travel.


garrett axiom metal detector collapsed

The Garrett Axiom Metal Detector is Ready for Travel!


Coil Options

The Axiom Metal Detector has a total of 6 different coil options. The larger 16" x 11" coils will help you cover more ground faster and get a little extra depth.  The 11" x 7" coil will let you to cover ground quickly but also allow you to reach into tight spaces such as between rocks and shrubs/trees.

Users can decide between a Double-D which has a more precise detection pattern or the mono coil which will allow for maximum depth.

  • 16" x 14" in either a DD or Mono Coil
  • 13" x 11" in either a DD or Mono Coil
  • 11" x 7" in either a DD or Mono Coil

One Hand Operation

The button layout on the Axiom's control box makes it very easy and convenient to switch functions, modes, and make adjustments.  This feature is high priority to those who frequently tune their detectors for quickly changing environments.

image of axiom metal detectors display and button configuration

New, But Tested

The Garrett Axiom metal detector may be new, but Garrett has been field testing this metal detector for quite some time.  Tested in both the US and overseas, the feedback they received has been awesome.  Reports of this detector finding sub-sub-gram nuggets has been frequently reported and witnessed.

Although time will tell, we feel like the new Axiom Metal Detector by Garrett is going to be a great addition to Garrett's lineup and a superior tool for finding the gold missed by the old prospectors.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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