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The Equinox 800 Metal Detector Excels at Hunting Saltwater Beaches - Finds Rings and Money!

The Equinox 800 Metal Detector Excels at Hunting Saltwater Beaches - Finds Rings and Money!

A good customer, Mike H. from Waverly, KS was recently on a beach vacation with his Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector.  Mike regularly shares his finds with us and once again shares his spoils.  Mike says of his beach hunt:

"Just wanted to share my finds from my last trip to the beach. I was able to make it for a couple hours of low tide, it was fun and I found a couple more rings. Though not silver or gold it was fun to do. Also found some more change. I really enjoyed detecting the beach where there is a good possibility of finding nice jewelry that was unfortunately lost, my metal detecting heart is back in Kansas searching for old relics and coins. Attached is the picture of my last finds at the beach using the equipment I got from High Plains Prospector's."

As always, we appreciate your submission Mike.  Although you didn't find gold or silver, it looks like you were digging the right targets.  Remember, when metal detecting on a beach, never pass up pull tabs!





You too can qualify for $5 each month for a find!  We LOVE it when our customers bring their cool and interesting metal detecting finds into our shop or share them on our website to show them off.  So, keep them coming!

Thanks again for your submission.  Good luck and happy hunting!

picture and link to customer finds submission page






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