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The Best New Metal Detector For Young Kids - Nokta Makro Mini Hoard

The Best New Metal Detector For Young Kids - Nokta Makro Mini Hoard

We recently received an order for a highly anticipated new metal detector that is made specifically for younger children.  Until now, we were very limited in where we could direct people looking to get their kids into this exciting hobby.  We only had a couple options.  The Minelab Go Find line of metal detectors has been a good go to for children and the Garrett ACE Series detectors were also a good place to start.  But these detectors could still be a little large for very young kids and often difficult to operate.  Additionally, it was very difficult to allow these detectors to be used in the water or on a beach because of the chance they could be dropped in the water.  

Check out the box opening video below:

Nokta Makro has come up with a solution with their Mini Hoard and Midi Hoard metal detectors.  These detectors were developed specifically for very young children and they can be used on the beach and in the water safely since they are completely waterproof up to 3 feet deep.

The shaft can be retracted down to as short at 25" and as long as 35" so this detector can be used by very young children but can grow with them for several years.  The detector is recommended for children ages 4-8 years.

The small 6" coil allows for adequate depth for most little diggers and the machine weighs only 1.7 lbs so even the tiniest treasure hunter can now participate in the sport.  

The audio output is quite nice on this detector with two distinct tones.   The detector's LCD display screen is very simple understand with picture of a smiley face that will flash with a thumbs up or a thumbs down depending on the quality of the target. 

One thing I really liked about the detector is the pinpoint function, which many of the lesser metal detectors do not have.  And, at only $99.95 you can't beat the price.

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Nokta Makro Mini Hoard Specifications:

Ideal Age 4 - 8 yrs.
Operating Frequency 15kHz
Audio Tones 2
Pinpoint Yes
Discrimination Iron Discrimination
LED Indicator Pinpoint & Discrimination
Depth Indicator 3 Levels
Battery Indicator Yes
Auto Shut-off & Alarm Yes
Search Coil 15 cm (6")
Display Custom LCD
Weight 780g. (1.7lbs.)
Length 63 cm - 90 cm (25'' - 35'')
Battery 2 x AA (not included)
Warranty 2 Years


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