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Metal Detector Rental Near Me

Metal Detector Rental Near Me

We supply metal detectors to local individuals and businesses for a variety of reasons.  We have metal detectors to suit just about anyone's needs.

Basic rental Rate*: $25 per day for a metal detector and $5 per day for a pinpointer.

Why rent a metal detector?  Here are a few reasons:

Find Lost Jewelry

One of the reasons people rent metal detectors from us is to find a lost piece of jewelry.  Rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, and more can be found with a metal detector with only a little instruction on how to operate the metal detector.  We also offer ring recovery services for those in need of professional assistance.

Find Property Markers or Underground Utilities

One of the most common purposes people rent metal detectors is to find property corner markers.  They can also be used to find underground items like sprinkler heads, junction boxes, septic tanks, and buried wires and pipes.

Try Before You Buy

Sometimes you may simply want to try using a metal detector prior to purchasing one.  In this instance we will charge you the daily rental rate and apply the rental fee to the purchase of a metal detector.

*Rental rate based on rental of a Garrett ACE 400 metal detector.  Rates may increase if you are renting a more advanced metal detector.