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Show Off Your Metal Detecting Finds and Earn Store Credit

Show Off Your Metal Detecting Finds and Earn Store Credit

We LOVE it when our customers bring their cool and interesting metal detecting finds into our shop to show them off.  Heck, we love showing off our finds too!  Since not everyone can come in and talk shop, we wanted to open up this option to our great, many customers across the country.  And, to sweeten the pot a little, we are now offering $5 in store credit for anyone who submits their find for us to show off to the world.

All you have to do is click the image above, give us your information, upload a photo or two and tell us a little about your find (i.e. where, how, what metal detector you were using, etc.)  You can be as detailed or as reclusive as you like but, you have to tell us your story.

The only catch is you can only receive one $5 store credit per month and it has to be used within 12 months of it being issued.  So, if you want to submit a find per month from January to December and buy yourself a nice little $60 metal detecting accessory for Christmas - we welcome it!

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  • Josh Turpin