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Ring Lost in Snow Storm Recovered by High Plains Prospectors

Ring Lost in Snow Storm Recovered by High Plains Prospectors

Mike from the High Plains Prospectors Team recently helped a man find a gold ring he had lost.  Here is what he has to say about the recovery.

"Here is the wedding band and corresponding pic of the very polite young man and his dog from the last recovery I had gone on. He did not want his name listed, but was ok with these two pics being shown.  He had lost at a park near his home. It was during the last snow of this year.  He was at the local park with others when he decided to lay down in the snow and make snow angels.   Later that day he noticed his ring was missing.  Luckily his wife was video taping him making the snow angels, so they had a very good idea approximately where the ring could be, if he lost it making snow angels. They also went to other areas of the park.  So if he had lost somewhere else in the park, it might have made it very hard to find.   We went to the approximate location of the infamous snow angel a few weeks after he lost it. After just a few sweeps with the Equinox 800 and the Garrett Carrott it was found in the grass. The young gentleman was very appreciative and knew his wife would be very happy as well." 

a man, his dog, and his once lost gold ring

Great recovery as usual Mike!  We are always happy helping folks find their lost items.  It always makes you feel good finding gold but when it is to help someone out it feels even better.


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  • Joshua Turpin