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Out of This World Ring Found By Metal Detectorist in Kansas

Out of This World Ring Found By Metal Detectorist in Kansas

Quite often we get calls from people who have lost jewelry and need help finding it.  Recently I received a call from a gentleman in Spring Hill, KS who had lost a very unique wedding band while he was stringing up lights for Christmas. He wasn't quite 100% certain he had lost it there but wanted to make certain.  

While I was tied up at the shop, our newest addition to the High Plains Team, Mike Eiser, an experienced metal detectorist was able to pull away for a bit and go help the man out.  What made this ring unique is that it was fashioned out of a space rock.  That's right, a meteorite!  The thin ring was crested with a small blue stone and the owner cherished the ring and was hopeful we could help him recover it.

What makes finding any ring difficult is there are so many different alloys used depending on the ring.  Rings also come in so many sizes, very few will read the same on a metal detector.  What makes a ring made of meteorite more difficult is that meteorites are often comprised of a nickel/iron alloy.  Both metals are not ones typically at the top of a metal detectorist's wish list.

Mike says of his recovery,  "After a little discussion and a thorough search of the area around their bushes, I found his ring!  What made the ring unique is that was made out of metal from a meteorite!  An actual ‘out of this world find’!"

Mike search for a little while with his Equinox 800 metal detector but with so much junk in the area and the fact it was in such a shrubby, tight space, he resorted to poking around the shrubs with his pinpointer.  In less than an hour Mike found the man's ring. 

Since the ring's composition was partially iron, there was some rust and tarnishing. However, after a little TLC, this man will have his ring looking beautiful again.

This was yet another successful ring recovery by the High Plains Prospectors team.  Great work Mike!

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  • Joshua Turpin