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Mysterious Sterling Silver Metal Detecting Find Identified!

Mysterious Sterling Silver Metal Detecting Find Identified!

Ed R.  from Kansas City recently submitted a really cool metal detecting find. Just like many of the interesting items unearthed by metal detectorists around the globe, at first Ed was perplexed as to what he had dug.  This intricately designed an monogrammed silver pieces was obviously something of great personal value to the owner.  He was determined to find out what it was.  With a little investigation he found what he was looking for.

Ed says, "I found this silver beauty in a 1940s yard but wasnt sure what it was. I thought maybe a barette clip or marker. But none of those seemed exactly right. Turns out is lace tatting shuttle. Beautiful scrolling on the front and monogram on the back. Love that Simplex+ from High Plains Prospectors. I keep swinging and it keeps finding cool stuff. Big thanks, big luv, and happy hunting."

BackSide of Tatting Shuttle

Shuttle tatting is the hand lace technique of tying double stitch knots onto a foundation thread that is shaped into rings and chains to form a lacy material. 

Side View of Tatting Shuttle

This unique piece was made of sterling silver.  Tatting shuttles nowdays can be purchased for only a few bucks and are often made of plastic.  You know for certain that the person that owned this beautiful piece of equipment took their trade seriously.  

Great find and awesome research Ed.  We really appreciate your submissions.  Keep them coming!

- High Plains Prospectors

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  • Joshua Turpin