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Introducing "The Beast" Minelab's Newest Creation - The Minelab Manticore

Introducing "The Beast" Minelab's Newest Creation - The Minelab Manticore

First, I would like to point out that the information I am providing is information that is CURRENTLY available.  There is a lot of information that we will learn once we have the detector in hand to field test. 

If you have been paying attention at all in the world of metal detecting you know that Minelab has recently announced the release of their newest creation.  The Manticore.  

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Due to the similarities of the Equinox and a few features derived from the CTX 3030, I have referred to this detector as the "Lovechild" of the two.

Let’s discuss why I called it the lovechild of the CTX and the Equinox.

The Manticore will feature the same Muilti – IQ (or multi frequency) technology as the Equinox series detectors versus the FBS technology used in the CTX 3030.  However, the Multi-IQ+ featured in the Manticore is a “revamped” version of the previous technology.  What does this mean?

Based upon information from Minelab, the Manticore will be 50% more powerful than the Equinox detectors…. much like, but possibly even more powerful than, the CTX.  After all, Minelab does claim this is their “most powerful detector yet”.

This power, according to sources, comes from the battery - not necessarily the unit’s processor itself.  Since the detector is pushing way more power and the processors offer a wider range of frequencies, I am going to speculate this detector will have superior depth over previous generations.

Minelab has completely revamped the detector’s signal processing providing enhanced discrimination, greater Target ID resolution, improved target separation, and gives you a greater ability to tune discrimination and audio to suit your detecting conditions.

With all this power, one would expect it to have to have an enormous battery.  But, unlike the CTX, which has a ginormous battery pack, the battery of the Manticore is much like the Equinox – built-in and light weight.   With all this added power, I am curious to see how this will affect battery life…although since battery technology is evolving at the speed of light nowadays, I assume Minelab has been on top of that issue throughout the development process.

Much like the CTX, the manticore will allow the user to fine tune “personalize” it to the detectorist’s specific needs.   However, like the Equinox, it has approximately 10 plus pre-set search modes.  I assume it will have the standard beach, field, park, etc.  So, much like the CTX, you are looking at a more sophisticated metal detector but like the Equinox, it has out of the box settings for the average user.

Weighing in at only 2.9 pounds, the Manticore will be lightweight and well balanced like the Equinox and is nowhere near as heavy as the CTX 3030 which weighs in at 5.2 pounds. 

The Manticore features a lighter-weight, collapsible carbon fiber shaft with cam locks, much like the CTX.  However, the new shaft collapses down to as little as around 24 inches and extends out to as far as about 57 inches.  This will allow you to collapse the Manticore quickly and easily for travel and storage. 

It also appears that Minelab has corrected the issue with the arm cuff of the Equinox which tended to break rather easily.  Although we haven’t had a chance to test it out, it appears the Manticore’s arm cuff, which is adjustable, is built better and stronger.

I am really excited about the audio output of the Manticore.  As with the Equinox, is has crystal clear audio that can be emitted through and external speaker or through the standard Low Latency wireless headphones that come with the detector or Minelab headphones with 3.5MM headphone jack.  What excites me about it is the different audio themes.  So, you can personalize your audio themes to your liking.  This is a very desirable feature for advanced metal detectorists.

Minelab has bitten off of other manufacturers and included two really neat features.  These features are a built-in LED flashlight and a vibrating hand grip.  These are great additions for hunting in during darker hours, underwater or for those with hearing impairments.   

The control housing, or the “brains” of this new detector have been dialed in by Minelab to give the Manticore an extremely fast response time or “recovery speed”.  This allows a detectorist to sort between trash and treasure more efficiently.  Minelab has also enhanced the discrimination capabilities in this machine to allow users to quickly and confidently accept or reject targets.

In addition to this, the detector apparently has Boosted EMI Immunity allowing it to reject external interference better.  This, along with a much faster noise cancellation scan, will help users adjust and execute in the field quicker.

The controls housing is very similar to the Equinox.  It has a large LCD screen that allows for a clear view of the screen and easy navigation.  Navigation and buttons on the Manticore seem to be similar to the Equinox but there are a lot more menu options and ability to personalize the settings for their specific needs.

The screen display is one of the main reasons I consider this detector the lovechild of the Equinox and CTX.  The most prominent genetic trait passed on by the CTX 3030 is the visual display.  The display on the Manticore has the standard Target ID display however, much like the CTX 3030, the detector features a powerful 2D ID Mapping display often referred to as a “heat map”.  This helps you identify your targets with better visual insights.

Finally, Minelab has assured users that the construction of this detector is unrivaled. And, although there have been by claims by some that the Equinox’s “waterproofness” is questionable, it appears Minelab has addressed that in the Manticore with a total submersible depth of 16 feet.  And of course, all Minelab metal detectors come with a 3-year warranty.

Of course, with any software-based metal detector, users will likely see some bugs as manufacturers scramble to get a product to the market to meet consumer demand.  But much like the Equniox, the Manticore will have updatable software capability allowing users to address issues, update, and add new features as Minelab develops them.

I know many of you want more “hands on” information on the new Manticore.  Rest assured, as soon as we have one in hand, we will be out in the field testing it and get back with you with more information. 

Until then, thanks for watching and don’t forget to visit our website at, give us a call, or stop by our huge retail store for all of your metal detecting and gold prospecting needs.

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  • Joshua Turpin