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Guns and Badges Found Metal Detecting in Florida

Guns and Badges Found Metal Detecting in Florida

Ed R. from Florida has been hard at it this year digging up cool finds.  We love hearing stories and seeing finds of our customers across the country.

Ed says of his finds:

"Got the Nokta Macro Simplex Plus from High Plains in February. Coming up on my one year anniversary for detecting and want to submit some of my favorite finds for the year. The first is one I haven't been able to identify. A small cast cap gun, it is 2 ¾ “ with a letter D on the handle. Thanks with help identifying and love the support I get at HighPlains!"

Small Cap Gun Found Metal Detecting in Florida

"Toy guns and badges for the year 2020. The Harbor Command badge is pretty cool, 100% in tact with the pin still usable on the back. It was a promotional item for a 1957 TV show of the same name. The other badge is a 50s era tootsie toy badge. The larger cap gun is a 60's US Brave Toy Cap gun. I have yet to identify the smaller cap gun. Very cool to find them whole. I have unearthed at least 10 other pieces of toy guns. My Simplex drags a lot of cool stuff out of the dust. Thanks High Plains."

Toy Cap Guns and Badges Found Metal Detecting in Florida.

Ed will now receive yet another $5 store credit for submitting his story and finds to us.  Remember, you can submit one finds story per month and get store credit for it!  Keep 'em coming guys and gals!

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