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Foreign Silver Coin Found in Kansas City by Local Metal Detectorist

Foreign Silver Coin Found in Kansas City by Local Metal Detectorist

E. Rogers from the Kansas City area is still at it as usual.  He recently shared some pictures of items he has found metal detecting in the area.  This one is definitely worth sharing.  Ed tells us:

"Swingin' a little less than normal as my bride recuperates from ankle surgery. I did sneak out and lucked into a coin spill that included 2 silvers. I've been hoping to find a foreign silver coin and initially thought I might have a peace dollar. Wiping it off revealed a 1947 Peso, 14g, 50% silver. In the same hole was a 1948 Washington. I spotted both of these as I removed the plug. I put the hole back together swung over it and got a 26 on the Legend. Sure enough, there was a 1925 Buffalo in the same hole. That 1940 permission also gave up 6 wheats, a bike reflector, 1 Singer Centennial Decal 1851-1951, 2 keys, 1 key fob, a little cleo fishing lure and $2.72 clad. That's 52 silvers ytd. The Legend from High Plains Prospectors is crushing it! Thanks and HH!!"

metal detecting finds kansas city

back of silver peso

As usual, thanks for sharing your amazing finds Ed.  We really appreciate you keeping us in the loop.

You too can qualify for $5 each month for a find!  We LOVE it when our customers bring their cool and interesting metal detecting finds into our shop or share them on our website to show them off.  So, keep them coming!
Thanks again for your submission.  Good luck and happy hunting!
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