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Finding Gold In Your Own Back Yard…Even in Kansas!

Finding Gold In Your Own Back Yard…Even in Kansas!

I stumbled across this decomposing granite material that can be purchased as some of the higher end landscaping and gardening shops.

gold bearing granite


It is used for walkways and patios generally in conjunction with some sort of paver or edging stone. I am not sure exactly the location of the original source, but I found it less than a mile from my house in Kansas. I spent an hour or so panning a small container of it to see if there was any gold in it. Lo and behold…there was some gold in it. Maybe not enough to be commercially feasible, but this is sure cheaper then buying salted and seeded pay-dirt. Plus, I was really finding gold that nobody else has ever seen! That is when you feel the true exhilaration of prospecting. Check out the video below:

The pan you see above is only the third small pan. What a cool way to find gold. I will most likely use it for my back patio, but now I have to run all the material first! Who knows, maybe I can pull enough out of the material for my patio to help pay for it! What a fun hobby!

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