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Finding a Jar of Coins With Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector in Kansas

Finding a Jar of Coins With Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector in Kansas

Metal detecting enthusiast Travis "Scrap Iron" Bauer finds a small stash of silver coins and one mysterious key. This coin cache was located by the Garrett At Pro Metal Detector at the base of a large old tree near an old farm house. The house is located in a small historical city in the Kansas City area with a lot of history. This find was made with a Garrett AT Pro metal detector and was dug up at about 6" deep. It was found after only about 30 minutes of metal detecting.

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The market value of the silver and coins was approximately $80...but, of course, they will most likely never be sold. There was also a key that belonged to a Samsonite suit case.  This led us to speculate that there may be a suitcase with other hidden treasures on the property waiting to be found. Some research shows that the key went to an old chest style travel case. The location of the case is still a mystery...but we will continue to search the property in a recovery attempt. The property was owned by the young man's grandfather and we shared some of the treasure with him for his efforts.

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